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  1. Thanks Batch, I will start the full monty supplements, once they arrive. Thanks again for the help it is very much appreciated.
  2. Hey Batch, Have been using the Thorne Basic Nutrients as the multi. Will be changing to the Kirkland multi when it comes in the post. Started D3 loading schedule of 50,000 IU/Day. Accidentally got my dates wrong and did 14 days instead of 12. Now on 10,000 IU/Day. Will be getting a blood test on day 30 to check D3 levels. I will double the magnesium from tonight. Thanks Batch for the response.
  3. Has anyone experienced shadows worsening when starting D3 regime? Got to day 12 and shadows started to worsen day 20 now and are still the same from day 12. My D3 levels were: (nmol/L) 86 I have been taking the following supplements: Solgar D3 (10,000iu) x5 for 14days x1 since Solgar omega 3 fish oil concentrate x1 fish oil concentrate 2,000mg, EPA 160mg, DHA 100mg Solgar chelated Magnesium 400mg Solgar vitamin k2 Mk-7 100 MCG Solgar B-complex 100 Thorne basic nutrients Vitamin A 450mcg beta carotene/ 600mcg palmitate, Zinc 15mg, boron, 2mg, Calcium 52mg Ultra Muscles Night Magnesium 366mg, Calcium 210/ calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate 601.1mg
  4. Thanks Jon, I will talk to my neurologist about optha-neuro. Thanks Chfather, for the useful links. I have change some of my laptop and phone settings which has seemed to help. Thank you both.
  5. Thank you Shaun and Spiny, I will order the ginger capsules today. Will also have a look at the blue screen blockers. I had a MRI in late 2020, and everything was fine besides the cysts. I had my blood test done yesterday, for the D3 Regimen. ATB to you also!
  6. History From the 4/12/20 to 27/12/20 had 10 headaches ranging from 3:00am to 7:00am start time. They would last 30 minutes to 3 hour, with severity of 6-8 out of 10. Symptoms were Sharpe pain left temple. Went to hospital and a neurologist and they diagnosed me with cluster headaches. I also have a large arachnoid cysts on right side of my brain. Which can cause some slight headaches also. From 27/12/20 to 16/7/21 I was fine no headaches. On 17/7/21 while watching something on my phone for a couple hours I got an headache on my right side. Went to bed that evening and woke up and the headache had switched sides. Since this day haven't been able to look at phone for more then 10 minutes and laptop 1 hour without getting shadows. Also will get shadows from bright sunlight, laughing and travelling in a car. Wondering if anyone else has experienced any of these symptoms, if so how did you fix/reduced them. Thanks any help is appreciated.
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