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  1. G'evenin Rose! 15 minutes isn't bad for an abort time but it can work quicker....I typically abort in 5 to 8 minutes. My technique is standing by my tank....I exhale forcefully when the bag is full (I use the mouthpiece that comes with the optiO2mask as I can't tolerate anything touching my face during a hit), and then I do a mini crunch to force as much air as possible out of my lungs and then suck as much O2 as possible....hold while the bag refills and repeat. Dallas Denny
  2. Welcome to the community CH but sorry you had the need to join us! First order of priority with clusters is to either get a script for hi flow oxygen from your doc or set up your own rig with welding oxygen.. Second, look into the vitamin D3 regimen in in clusterbusters files section of the board.......you need to in incorporate all of the regimen for it to work properly.....you can begin immediately but you'll need to have a 25 (OH)D blood test ran soon to find out what your level is Third will be the info on "busting", info is also available in the clusterbuster files section Dallas Denny
  3. Next year's conference will be in my old home state of Colorado!! Mile high city here we come!!! Dallas Denny
  4. G'mornin Steve! I've been huffing weld ox for around 8 years and haven't run into any issues other than the "schlepping" that Chf mentioned.....my tank is approximately 4' tall and 9" diameter and very heavy.....but, as a result of busting, I routinely abort hits in 5 to 8 minutes so even in high cycle a tank full lasts me for quite awhile.....my last cycle was close to 6 months and I used a little less than 3 tanks full ($60)......just make sure you don't let your supplier know you're going to be breathing it! I personally know many clusterheads who use welding oxygen, many for much longer than me and I've never heard of anyone having any issues! Dallas Denny
  5. Hi Chf Several have been able to pass along info to Dr McGeeney and he is now administering his version of the protocol......and, he has trained his brother in law, Dr Rick, who's been administering it on Saturdays at his OKC pediatric practice so his work will live on......all the folks I've talked to held Dr Mike in high regard and are grateful for his "outside the box" procedure!! DD
  6. So sorry to share that Dr Mike whose so called "Jesus Shot" helped so many of my clusterhead friends has passed away from an apparent heart attack... DD
  7. Hi Willie I messaged BobW earlier and this isn't a part of the genetic study, however, Dr Burish is going to be speaking at the clusterbusters conference next month.
  8. G'afternoon JBH! I have to agree with Chf on looking into hemicrania continua!! The good news is that it is very treatable with indomethacin!! I've never heard of antibiotics being used as an effective treatment for clusters either. DD
  9. Hey Willie! Welcome to the community and thanks for posting this! Sadly, I was a member here when our founder put up the post advising us of Wills passing......his Papa has really stepped up and done an incredible thing in his memory for the Clusterhead community!! I'm not sure, but this might possibly be a part of the ongoing clusterbusters genetic study but it seems strange that they can't advertise to recruit participants!! Dallas Denny
  10. Hi Kimbrit and welcome to the community!! I was prescribed and have taken Tegretal.....the side effects are horrendous and it did nothing to help clusters for me (it's a commonly prescribed drug for tic de la rue which is what this particular doc dx'd me) DD Edited to add: what Chf said....high flow oxygen is the best thing that ever happened for clusterheads
  11. G'afternoon FunTime! Looks like Spiny and Chf pretty much covered anything I would advise so I'll just say Welcome to the community but sorry you have the need to join us!! Very cool that you've been accepted for the psilocybin trial!! Was really bummed to learn that i was too old to participate.....guess no one told em 70 year olds have clusters too!! Dallas Denny
  12. G'evenin CM! You need to be detoxed from the trex for at least 5 days prior to busting for optimum efficacy! Dallas Denny
  13. Hi Bluesfan! Indomethacin is typically used as a diagnostic tool....if your headaches respond well to it then what you have is Hemicrania Continua...if you truly have clusters, it won't help. DD
  14. Hi Anita! I see Chf has you lined out on LSA busts so I'll address vitamin M. Although a few folks are able to source and purchase shrooms, the vast majority of us have had to take up mycology and learn how to grow our own. It's a fairly easy learning curve and not too terribly expensive to get set up but it does take a minimum of between 35 and 42 days to realise the "fruit of your labor". Just watch the youtube video series entitled " Let's grow mushrooms "......they'll demo everything you need to know......you out can source all needed supplies from Wally world for less than $50 with the exception of the brown rice flour, coarse grade vermiculite and a spore syringe. Whole foods or any health food store for the brf at approximately $5 for a 2# bag.....coarse grade vermiculite is only available in large 3 cu ft bags at commercial landscape supply stores in my area and costs around $35......Spore syringes are available from Spore Works and run around $20.....so between $100 & $125 for a batch of "pain free livin"!! Dallas Denny
  15. Welcome to the community Jimmy! To be honest, you've arrived at the site (and forum) with the best information and solutions for clusters!! We have many members with in excess of 20 or 30 years doin battle with the Beast.....my first cycle occurred in South Vietnam in the Spring of 1968.....followed by a complete remission of 15 years.....2nd cycle was in 1983 and I've been episodic ever since. Great that you have Oxygen in place!! So first, push your doc for imitrex injections.....the pills are much too slow acting! Second, check out the Vitamin D3 anti inflammatory regimen in the CB files section of the board......works well for many folks to either squelch a cycle or at least reduce the frequency and intensity of the attacks. And read about "busting" a cycle using tryptamines and let us know about any questions you might have in the "Share your busting stories" section of the board... Dallas Denny
  16. Hi Jacob and welcome to the community! We have several members here from Illinois including our illustrious leader who is from the Chicago area! You should make plans to attend our annual clusterbusters conference in mid September which is being held in Chi Town this year if you possibly can......we had over 180 attendees last year in Austin and I hear we're on pace to surpass that number this year!! Nothing like meeting a bunch of folks that know first hand what you're dealing with!! Dallas Denny
  17. G'evenin tvan! I've been here since the day this forum went live in 2009 and can only remember one member from Wisconsin and unfortunately he's no longer active here... But, there'll be around 200 clusterheads in Chicago in a little less than 4 months for our annual clusterbusters conference if you can swing it!! This year will be my 4th and believe me, it is an unforgettable, life changing experience!! Dallas Denny
  18. G'mornin tsciant! I've been using welding oxygen for 8 years....welding ox and medical ox comes out of the same faucet, the only difference is that medical tanks are vacuumed prior to being filled while they just Crack the valve and do a "sniff" test on welding cylinders. As CHf advised, DO NOT let them know that you intend to breathe it!! Dallas Denny
  19. G'mornin Nick! I've a good friend who's an Aussie clusterhead.....I'm sure he's in bed asleep right now buy I'll send him a message and see if he'll drop by and hook up with you. He's one of the admins of the Aussie facebook clusterhead support group so I'm sure he could put you in contact with other ch'ers from down under as well. Dallas Denny
  20. Welcome to the community Lewisjones! From some of your comments and the vernacular used, I'm guessing you're somewhere in the UK under NHS care? If so, Chf's advice regarding welding oxygen may not work for you.....however, under NHS guidelines, high flow oxygen is recognized as a front line treatment for clusters......contact OUCH-UK for help getting the HOOF form sorted out and whether your doc likes it or not, he's bound to supply you with O2. Dallas Denny
  21. Welcome to the community Kevlar and ditto on what Chf said^^^^ Dallas Denny
  22. G'mornin Shadawn! I thought long and hard before starting this thread due to the negativity and controversy surrounding Doc Mike, my fear that it would be perceived as just one more "snake oil" treatment, and the fact that the treatment consisted of steroids.......your post brought me to tears and I'm so happy that I shared this information here!! I think your Dad brings the total number of folks I've heard personal reports from to 17 between here and fb where the thread originated. We recently had a report from a chronic clusterhead whose parents had made the trip with her to see doc Mike.......as she was talking to him prior to getting her injections, she asked if it might help her mother who has suffered with fibromyalgia for many years....he ask where she was (in the motel room) and sent a nurse over to the room to get her.....both got the injections and are painfree for the first time in many years! Thank you for sharing your story here! Dallas Denny
  23. So, we either have the latest incarnation of Danny Boy here or Quack Shevel in the flesh......either way, FECK YOU and go away!!
  24. Hey cdog! Thus far a total of 15 folks have gotten the injections....."Hollywood Dan" is coming up on 1 year pf the 16th of May and has had the best results....patient #3 has been pf for several months now......the patient after razorPP got only a few weeks from both his first and 2nd round of injections.....several folks have been to see Doc Mike in the past several weeks and all have been pf since getting the shots. DD
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