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  1. My son’s clusters started again today! He has been free since Dec 24th. My son is 18 and in College. He is taking verapermil 80mg x3, magnesium 400mg x 2, D3 10,000 daily since Dec (last checked in January - 80), B-2 100mg x2 and 81mg aspirin (he has a congenital heart condition). We live in Massachusetts and spring always seems to trigger a cycle. Thinking of adding the melotonin 10mg (although it makes him very tired and has difficult waking) or Benadryl? I’m thinking Benadryl because he said he feels his allergies starting. I believe I read he should take 25mg before bed, how about during the day? His clusters typically come when he wakes and sometimes again at 1 or 3 pm. Appreciate any thoughts, Thank you.
  2. Also, DD I cant’t thank you enough for reaching out!
  3. Thank you for your reply. I have Dr. Grosberg’s contact but he doesn’t take my insurance. He is much closer to my son’s college so I’m still considering it. I did put an appeal in with my insurance company ... waiting to hear.
  4. Can you share the link to the oxygen breathing technique?
  5. Hi all. I would love some recommendations for a CH doctor in the Boston area or south/central. My son is 18 and has been suffering for about 8 years and we are searching for a neurologist who specializes in CH, our current is pediatric and not very aggressive with treatment. I read a few posts that spoke of BostonHeadacheDoc ... Dallas Denny you know him? Brian? Thank you all!
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