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  1. Hey all! I recently got into the oxygen world of Cluster headaches and still have a lot to learn. I was given two E tanks about two weeks ago now, and they're both almost empty. I'm looking into getting an MM/H tank (the biggest tank) for home use! The only issue is that I'm trying to find the correct regulator size for that type of tank and I've had no luck. I need something that will go up to 25lpm, as I've noticed the reservoir bag isn't filling up as fast I need it to when I'm hyperventilating into the non-rebreather mask. I'm trying to see if I can purchase mine online for cheaper si
  2. Great! When it comes to having the mask or just using the cannula tube, how should my breathing be? I've read I should be hyperventilating but I want to make sure I do it correctly when it comes to when to breathe in and out from my nose/mouth. Thank you so much for your input!
  3. Thank you very much! If you yourself purchased this mask from this website, how long did it take to deliver to your house?
  4. I tried Monster energy, which I know isn't the same, but I have a naturally high-resting heartrate and am kind of weary about taking energy shots! Haha, weird for a young woman- but my doctor isn't concerned enough with it. Mostly my mother who is! lol
  5. Good evening everyone (well really it's good morning)!! I last shared that I was in the process of being turned down for oxygen by my primary caregiver, and after nearly 5 years of being diagnosed with CH, I was referred to a Neurologist. I just had my appointment earlier today at 11 and.... My doc, James Zhang, asked me a variety of thorough questions related to when they started, the pain level, where the pain is located, triggers, etc. It honestly felt like a drag but I kept hanging on!! Finally, he explained that he is nearly certain that it IS in fact cluster headaches that I am
  6. The place I went to today is actually a clinic my hospital offers and is free through my mom's insurance. I spoke with a nurse practitioner who has spoken with my own doctor before about my CH. So no, I didn't speak with my actual doctor today, but as soon as I mentioned 02 to the NP, she shot it down saying my dr wouldn't sign for it. She said that the neurologist should call me within a week. I annoyingly asked her what I can do for now for the pain, and she suggested Excedrin Migraine (which I have used in the past, but it gives me rebound headaches) as well as taking 5-10 mg of Melato
  7. I walked right in, told her my headaches were back and then I mentioned the oxygen, to which she dismissed right away. She claims that my insurance doesn't cover it, and although my mom is more than willing to pay in full, that they aren't able to fill the prescription unless insurance covers part of it? I was crying the in the office, feeling extremely hopeless. I told my mom who called my insurance immediately- they DO cover oxygen therapy specifically for cluster headaches! My conclusion? My doctor is a bitch- a clueless one at that. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for
  8. Thank you so much! And mel is short for melanie- aka I’m a woman but that’s ok! I should have specified lol! I’m in my dr’s office right now, papers in hand. I just hope she will approve the prescription!!
  9. Hey, all! I’m mel and I’ve been a cluster headache sufferer for about 5 years now. I’m probably a young one in here- nearing 20 in August! the past month or so has been...hell to say the least. It seems I get at least 1-2 clusters a day now and with it being so humid outside, it only intensifies. Currently I am in no sort of meds because they just picked back up. Nortriptyline made me gain a lot of weight, and my preventative gave me rebound headaches. I feel as though I’m at a loss. I’m just now recovering from one at the moment, and am just exhausted. My mom has pegged my do
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