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  1. You guys are incredible! What a supportive site! Thank you! I will let you know how it all goes.
  2. That is an awesome suggestion for stream lining!
  3. Thank you so much Dallas Denny! I am relaxing a bit just hearing feedback from you guys. I have steps to take now and good advice that I was looking for like seeking a neuro that specializes in headaches and blood tests. This will really help stream line things! And the mimic of cluster headaches has also been on my mind. But, I imagine that my stress will not help him or anyone else in the family either. So, as the caregiver I will get some exercise so as to reduce my unknowingly spreading "bad" vibes on everyone. Thank you again!
  4. That is great and interesting information. Is research suggesting it is an inflammation issue? Inflammation is such a hot topic these days. Does that mean that decreased gluten, sugar, carbs may help?
  5. Thank you for your reply! This will be a learning curve for me and I'm hoping I'm wrong. But for the last 4 days he has had a pattern of a "lingering headache" behind the L) eye and L) forehead (w/all the symptoms above) that continues until evening, I give the extra strength Tylenol, and he falls asleep. He has had 2 episodes of severe pain that lasts about 15 minutes but is not debilitating. He wakes up tired and drained but otherwise is fine in the morning. This then repeats the next day. I know that I am just blabbing here as it has not been diagnosed or even looked at yet. It is just so picture book perfect at the moment. It is such a surprise and shock. I have a call out to his primary to look into it and to give us a referral to a neuro. It will all take time I know and I just hope I am being an anxious mother. I knew I could find some good advice here and really appreciate your time! Thank you so much!
  6. I am new here. Not sure what to do yet. My athletic wonderful 18 year old son has a headache for a few days, L) temple goes behind the eye, starts about 4 each afternoon, the nose gets stuffy, the eyelid droopy and watery. They are not debilitating (yet) but this has worn him out, he is missing school today, it is his first one that I am aware of. No one in the family has this headache. My husband gets migraines occasionally. Sadly, his symptoms seem classic for the cluster. I'm thinking but would like to hear what you think. That I first need to get him into a neurologist, keep a headache diary, and after looking at some of your files I need to help him figure out what his triggers may be. Thank you for your guidance!
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