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  1. Hi, thank you Denny. I posted very few times since I transitioned so there is a good chance you didn't know, and yes, Moxie Girl and I exchanged personal messages a few years ago about the fact that I'm also a trans woman, but that was before I actually started to transition and I don't think she's aware that I did. When I posted it, it was 2 days after she had posted something like a farewell post, I'm happy you raise the question because I really feared transitioning based on her experience, but I think my experience shows CH is not that simple. Also, if I remember well, she was reporting ba
  2. Hello everyone, I didn't post here in a while, didn't visit the site nor board either, sorry, but I do think about my fellow clusterheads pretty much every day, I hope you are well and are able to remain pain free. It's almost three years now I didn't get to go through an attack, a real one, I was able to manage a few back into the box before they grew into an actual CH, but I do have to deal with CH pretty much every day. I guess I found a way to manage them. Just now on my way back from the store, I had to stop walking, put my bags down and... I dunno exactly what I do, but I seem to be
  3. will post this as a new thread, but it's following a small exchange on the subject there was on my thread on share your busting... Before I go on, as said in that thread, feeding you with my (flourishing but) chaotic thinking, I'd like to make a point on stress. I always knew my clusters came when stress relieved, after 45 minutes of sleep for example, but I also remember many times driving back from work with strong shadows, exploding in a sudden kip5-6 as soon as I park the car in my alley. Certainly stress is not the cause of CH per say. My thinking on CH recently (that I should
  4. this is great news, isn't it?, why did nobody comment? Guess I was away too long, must have missed something
  5. Wow thanks for posting this, Denny!!! I had read a lot about Sasha Shulgin, but this is just great to understand this extraordinary chemist and person, and his work.
  6. It's nice to read, yes, but I was actually quite surprised to read that sentence: ''Canadian policy-makers to reconsider their perception of those drugs.'', since for the last 10 years it's the very conservative Harper government that has been in power and is very well known to gag any and all scientific researchers in Canada (to say the least). But it's election time up here and hopefully this blind government will be replaced. The Green Party is proposing to legalize cannabis (but they will see only their leader get elected), and the Liberals have mentionned it too although I doubt it would
  7. from The Globe & Mail published in Toronto, Canada Psychedelic drugs may be helpful in treating addiction, anxiety and PTSD CARLY WEEKS The Globe and Mail Published Tuesday, Sep. 08, 2015 12:00PM EDTLast updated Tuesday, Sep. 08, 2015 3:36PM EDT http://www.theglobeandmail.com//life/health-and-fitness/health/psychedelic-drugs-may-be-helpful-in-treating-addiction-anxiety-and-ptsd/article26249575/?cmpid=rss1&click=sf_globe Psychedelic drugs, including LSD and MDMA, could help some patients struggling with addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety, according to a
  8. MoxieGirl, your poem is really great and could also be a very good song. It's a great way to explain, the way it's turned as you say with the everyday first lines coming back at the end, which made me think about a song (could be the chorus)... (do you know any musicians?). I had to explain again my condition recently as I have new roommates and it's very difficult (especially with the 'headache' denomination) to make them realize it's worst than anything they can imagine. The other day as I was sweating and rocking my Kip 7, I had (for half a second) the idea of coming out of my room to show
  9. this is great MoxieGirl ! I like this verse particularly, maybe worst than the pain: And the terror within, all but fades
  10. I think any time is a good time to bust, might be more effective if taken before the cycle to prevent the cycle to occur, but busting agents like the one you mention are also (probably) good to abort a crisis
  11. "Are psychedelics the next medical marijuana? [Commentary] After a long hiatus, researchers are again studying psychedelic substances like LSD to see if they fill a medical need" Read more: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/oped/bs-ed-psychedelics-research-20140805,0,4861299.story#ixzz39eFCsClh
  12. Purple


    I'm also sick to my stomach when the pain reaches beyond kip 6, and vomiting is somewhat a relief. I certainly don't force it. The first time I took MM (2,4 g) to prevent an upcoming cycle that I was feeling coming, I felt exactly the same as when I'm having a big hit, felt sick to my stomach and vomited, and any upcoming buzz was stopped. Also, for me, there is a clear link between intestinal troubles and my CH, but when I mentioned these 2 here (link with intestine and vomiting), I remember being told it might not be CH I have. But clearly, it is. I'm one of the few (I think) clusterhead
  13. hey this instantly rang a bell, I was sure I had read that before... no, it's a new study, but this "white matter" was discussed here before: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1311825574 And ...yeah, is this white matter diffusion a cause or an effect of... simply pain maybe?
  14. Great Ricardo, very interesting and I would like to access these videos if they put them online. ...not sure the link you posted points to the right place I hope you mentioned you were a particular case as to dosage, Ricardo, and that they don't think we're all ... I wonder what they actually thought when you said that haha
  15. timmyy, a simple answer to your question is: magic mushrooms (we often call it MM on this board, or vitamin M). The kind of mushrooms that contain psilocibin. They are illegal. You can grow them. There are many different strains of MM; the most common is psilobensis cubensis (or Cube); another frequent strain is Psilobensis Mexicana, but the strain doesn't matter at all, all strains of MM contain psilocibin. (truffles also contain psilocibin, but less than MM) About the blue... If you look closely the dried MM, you will see sort of blue veins on the stem and/or cap. It is believed the
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