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  1. I suffer migraine and fibromyalgia. I make my own CBD hash oil from industrial hemp which is easily available online in the UK. If you google "BHO" you'll find lots of information online about how to make it. Ignore all the fancy equipment. You can use any metal or glass tube and collect it on a piece of baking parchament placed in a soup bowl. I take a small dab when I get home from work and another when I go to bed. I also mix the hash oil with propylene glycol so I can carry it around in a vape pen in case I get an attack of pain when I'm out and about. Just plop 4 grams of hash oil in 100ml of PG and heat and stir until it dissolves . I prefer CBD with as little THC as possible because I hate being stoned that's why I start from industrial hemp rather than weed. If you live in the states you'll probably have acess to high CBD/Low THC weed. We don't in the UK. Some strains to look for are AC/DC, Cannatonic, Sour Tsunami, Harlequin, Remedy, Charlotte's Web. When I first tried CBD I was on 7 pills a day. Now I don't take any.
  2. Hi all. It appears that I'm in a new cycle. I've had headaches 3 times in the last month after a 10 month break. I have a small amount of AL-LAD on hand and I think it's time to give it a go. For those that don't know what it is, it's a UK legal analogue of LSD that can be bought from grey-market websites. I understand that it's ineffective to bust during a headache. Can I bust straight after the headache has dissipated? Or is it best to wait until a pain free day to do it?
  3. I personally would take the 4-aco-DMT. My reasoning would be that mushrooms have a natural variation in potency while 15mg of a powder will always be the same strength, give or take small variations in purity. Once you work out the right dose for you, you can consistently achieve exactly the same effect.
  4. Propranolol might be a less obstructive way to deal with trip induced anxiety. Alexander Shulgin used it when trialling some of the novel ergaloids he invented.
  5. Xanax will reduce the psychedelic effects of mushrooms. Whether that will mean a reduction or not in the efficacy of its effect on your headaches, I don't know.
  6. @Potter: Why do you suggest quitting opiates before busting? I don't know much about CH but I do know a fair bit about tryptamines and I can't imagine that Percocet (which acts on kappa and mu-opioid receptors) would inhibit 5-HT receptor agonism. The two neurological systems are entirely separate. I'm not challenging the established knowledge, more open to learning something new.
  7. Has anyone had any luck busting with 4-aco-DMT, 4-ho-MET, 4-ho-DET or similar? There is a whole bunch of them available and they are all very close analogues of the psilocin in magic mushrooms. Also the effects are supposed to be very similar. Most of these substances are legal in many countries too (not UK unfortunately).
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