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  1. Is the potato agar better with contamination?
  2. So I buy this potato agar at a healthfood store. Do I mix it with anything or just put it in the jars? Do I use normal size baby food jars? I am guessing this just makes smaller amount than 1/2 pint?
  3. I read to light needle before inoculating each jar to keep from contaminating.
  4. Can room temp be 68-70? Do I still need to light the needle?
  5. Do you have to use spore print or can I use the preordered syringes?
  6. First one is mold too? Where do I find your method?
  7. It definitely doesn't look like this other one I have that I know is mold.
  8. Is this good or is it mold.  Out of 10 these 2 are the only ones showing anything after 8 days and it it doesn't look good.Â
  9. I can't find anywhere where it says yes or no on adhd meds or xanax
  10. Do the energy shots have Taurine in them?
  11. Any luck with Skullcap and Licorice Tincture?
  12. It always seems like I kill it and then 2 or 3 minutes later here comes the pain again.
  13. I am wondering if caffeine is a trigger for me. Coffee doesn't seem to help at all so I thought maybe energy drinks would because of the Taurine. It seems like soda makes my head worse but no difference with coffee. What is a normal amount of time on the oxygen?
  14. 25 on regulator and the rebreather bag. I use the thing u suck on with bag and not the mask though. I usually do about 5-10 minutes at a time. I am trying to do energy drinks but yuck they taste nasty!!
  15. ok that's what I'm looking for. 5 days..... 5 long days of pain! Eeeek I don't know what I am going to do. This Oxygen is not working!
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