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  1. timmyy

    lsd dose

    ok I need to stop the meds, and get the lsd, and ,,good luck tanks u all
  2. timmyy

    lsd dose

    tank u ! and i need to take lsd one time ? (not like mm that i took 3 times..)
  3. I recommend you go to a specialist with experience in headache that make a diagnosis. Then perhaps give first opportunity to conventional medications, that can definitely help.
  4. Who gave you the diagnostic for CH?
  5. timmyy

    lsd dose

    Hi unfortunately, after I've tried everything else, I'm left with LSD. I wanted to ask what is the dose that I need? (I have no experience). Take once or several times like with mushroom? Avoid medications like with mushrooms? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the help. I'll try to stop them all. Hope that one day, soon, and will be seriously investigate of the mushrooms and what we can learn from them, for the benefit of us all.
  7. Depakote I am using depalept (valproic acid(, but I think its the same thing.... also need to stop? It's going to be hard ....
  8. Thanks for the responses! I will explain more. I suffer from migraine for many years. 5 years ago I felt a new pain, that two years ago turned out to be a cluster. Difficult to distinguish what part of a attack is cluster, due to mixing with migraine. I take lithium and VERAPAMIL (I stopped for the mushrooms) and Depakote (I continued). As there can be pain (both migraine and clusters) due to cessation of drugs - so I'm afraid I do not know to distinguish the deterioration (or benefit, or change) will be due to the cessation of the drugs or because BUSTING effects. and I'm afraid I will not sense a benefit because the worsening of migraines because the medication was stopped. Complicated - I know. It is important to note that the drugs I take are helpful, and reduce the intensity of pain, but not the frequency (twice a week on average. Few hours each attack). I saw in one of the pages you attach to wait five days with drugs, even after the mushroom. is it irrelevant? Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm trying to break the cycle. I stopped medications for this purpose and the situation getting worse, and I realize there is no alternative. My question is- how many times I will have to try the dose before I understand it will not help me? How can I tell? Another question - is there a need to wait after taking the last dose until I go back to medication? Thank you
  10. timmyy


    Thanks for the response, I take 600 milligrams of lithium and verapamil SR 360 per day. Both headache treatment of course.
  11. timmyy


    Hi everyone I want to try mushrooms soon, and I still have the issue of medicines. I take lithium and VERAPAMIL. its help me but I still have 1-2 attacks a week. My question - I realized that's not good to take the medication along with the mushrooms (unfortunately - otherwise I would not stop them), then what is the minimum time to stop with the medicines before the mushrooms? Thank you!!!!
  12. Okay, thanks for the full answer!
  13. I did not understand the thing with the blue ... But thank you all anyway
  14. Hello everyone, I have suffered for several years from chronic CH and migraine, and after guidance that I received here, I'll try again O2. However, just in case, if the O2 will not help, I also want to try mushrooms afterwards, because nothing else has helped me. I read here in the archives, but could not reach a conclusion about the type of mushroom preferred or "best fit". Since that I have the opportunity to purchase, And even which type that I want, (an opportunity that may not come again), I want to know what kind of mushroom should I buy. Lots and lots of thanks Sorry about the English. Is not my original language :-?
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