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  1. I live in Belgium. If the neuro prescribes O2, the insurance pays a big part of it. Just need to convince him to prescribe it. But for now i am good with the verapamil, I did not have an attack for the last 3 days! Thank you for the information Dallas Denny!
  2. Its strange, i asked my neuro about Oxygen and he replied it only works in 50 % of the cases and it's difficult to get it at your home. Here i read a lot people are helped with Oxygen and it has no side affects. Will try to convince him in the next appointment. I am pretty optimistic the cycle is ending, the fog in my head is lifting a little bit more every day.
  3. Yes i think the verapamil is working for me(thank god). Just hoping it works untill the beast goes to sleep and sleeps for a long time.. Monday i get my blood checked to see my vitamine D values. I will talk about Oxygen with my neuro when i see him 2nd of october. Thank you for answering!
  4. Hello I am new here. I suffered my first CH in 2017 altough then it was not diagnosed as CH. Since the 1st of august i am having my second cycle which is a lot more intense then then first time in 2017. Fortunatly the neurologist diagnosed me pretty fast. He gave me verapamil 240 (2 pills a day), imitrex for the really heavy attacks and sumatriptan tablets if I feel the attacks come. (Works for me after 40 minutes) I am taking the verapamil for 7 days now and since the last 4 days i did not suffer massive attacks anymore. I still feel its there (sensitive eye and temple) Is it a sign the cycle is coming to an end? I am getting an MRI the 2nd of october to rule out chronical CH. Thank you!
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