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    Hey, so I’m new to this forum, I’ve had these headaches for about 2 years now (2017). I’ve seen two doctors and one diagnosed them as cluster headaches (not the chronic type) and another doctor totally dismissed them as cluster headaches because they are not at the front of my head behind my eye. A little about myself. I have played 9 years of football (HS, college, and NFL) and in 2015 I got knocked out and ended up with a concussion. I was hit in the back left aide of my head. This is where the headaches started. They have been on and off. I’ll have them for a couple months, and they’ll go away for a couple months. But when I have them they are really painful. The headaches started in the back left side of my head, but I have noticed them creep forward toward the front of my head. Anyone else experience this? Right now I’m having attacks/ episodes and the pain is like right in my temple. I went to get an MRI and the results came back and everything looks normal. Im currently playing rugby in Denver and haven’t practice since a week ago Bc the headaches have gotten too painful. But the Doctor cleared me to practice since the MRI looked good. I’d love to chat with anyone about these Bc they are really affecting my play and personality. Thanks, ryan