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  1. Mark and Dave from Ontario....our fearless leader Bob Wold from Illinois our vice president Lady Ainslie Course from Glasgow, and Joseph McKay from NJ!
  2. Thought I'd watched them all but somehow I missed this clusterbusters YouTube video.....until just a few minutes ago!! I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know almost everyone featured several times over the past 13 years! Be forewarned, grab a hanky or some tissues before watching as this video may result in eye leakage...
  3. @Mjedwards409, yes, this regulator will work on a weld ox cylinder (CGA-540 fittings). Unsure of the designation of welding vs medical cylinders.....my rig is approximately 9" diameter and 48" tall. When I still lived in Texas I had a weld ox supplier who leased tanks with a $50 deposit and $6/mo fee...refills/exchange were $18. When I moved to Oklahoma several years ago I was unable to find a supplier who leased so had to buy the cylinder for $300 and exchanges are $23. Just make sure not to let the supplier know that you intend to breathe it!! DD
  4. @Rod H Clusterbusters has been hooked up with the Amazon smile program for quite sometime.....customers select us on their purchases and we receive some small percentage. DD
  5. Welcome to the community @xlrsd In the conference and events section you'll find info on our last conference which was in Chicago last Sept. This year we're having our inaugural European patient conference in Glasgow, Scotland and information will be posted soon in that same section on this year's US conference in Orlando. Dallas Denny
  6. Hey ya'll!! Just wanted to introduce @CraigStewartto anyone who might not know him on Facebook. He's from NZ and has the coolest accent! Lol! I had the pleasure of mentoring Craig with some long distance cultivation tips and busting info a few years back....he also embraced the D3 regimen which worked extremely well for him!! He's become quite the D3 advocate and Guru in the Facebook clusterhead communities, including putting up some really good YouTube videos including an interview with Batch @xxx Welcome to the nuthouse mate!!
  7. @Royster, I had a chat with Lady Ainslie Course, our clusterbusters vice president, who will be your host at the conference....she's fairly certain that our founder, Bob Wold, will be bringing some Clustero2kits.....send me a pm with your name and she said she would try to put one back for you!!
  8. @Roysterin my experience over the years, they will be available soon...usually not out of stock for long albeit they are quite expensive when going to other countries but even at $75, it would be worth it for me....been using them for close to 15 years...just retired my 1st a couple years ago!! The best feature for me is it comes with a mouthpiece....having anything touch my face during a hit just adds to the pain but the mouthpiece works great! One tip about O2 efficacy.....myself, Spiny and many others have found that incorporating caffeine into the mix enhances the efficacy of O2...I keep cup in the microwave, nuke it as soon as a hit starts, get on the O2 for a min then sip coffee and blow the steam on my affected eye for 30 secs and back on the O2....that coupled with years of busting have resulted in my being able to dispatch the vast majority of my hits to 5 min when a cycle does break thru! DD
  9. @Bejeeber...Orlando it is! Some folks have all the luck....only an hours drive for @ThatHurtsMyHead!! Lol...kinda like it was for me when the conference was held in big D! DD
  10. @kat_92 you win the " best post on the internet" award for the day! DD
  11. YESSSS!!! As I knock on wood with crossed fingers!! DD
  12. @kat_92. Xanax....I like your doc!! Best of luck on your journey! DD
  13. @CHfather.....in my opinion these terms are somewhat blurred.....the amounts we suggest are, in my mind, sub hallucinogenic but that doesn't mean there's not an effect....as someone who has experienced recreational doses as high as 7g, I can assure you that the effects from that amount are indeed hallucinogenic!! In contrast,my typical busting dose is 1.5 to 2.2g which produces distorted open eye and closed eye visuals but the experience is far short of being truly hallucinogenic!! Microdosing is considered to be sub perceptual and for that reason alone I don't believe that clusterheads will ever see that to have any significant efficacy. However, they may find that a sub perceptual dose by itself, or coupled with therapy, is efficacious for other afflictions especially in children.
  14. @BoscoPiko actually, the primary substance contained in dried vitamin M is psilocybin which is what's known as the prodrug of psilocin......this conversion is normally achieved in the gut as stomach acid breaks down the shrooms.....once converted, the psilocin has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and moves out of the stomach and into the blood stream. I never took chemistry in school so I don't understand these processes well, but from what I've read, this conversion process is called dephosphorylation.....on the molecular level it amounts to removing one phosphor atom from the psilocybin molecule. When you dose using the lemon-tek method this conversion is accomplished by mixing dried, powdered M with lemon juice...so when you drink the lemon-tek mixture after soaking for 20 minutes, the psilocin can immediately transfer out of the stomach and into the blood vessels. As to the scope of the research, while the sub hallucinogenic doses may prove effective for some ailments, I believe clusterheads will require a larger dose to see any efficacy! DD
  15. It's always exciting to read of these new developments, however, this particular piece raises a lot of questions for me! Of the 5 major psychoactive substances in vitamin M, psilocin is the only one capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and from every thing I've ever read, is very unstable after its conversion from psilocybin. DD
  16. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/revolutionizing-chronic-cluster-headache-treatment-the-science-behind-lobe-sciences-1.1889147
  17. G'evenin ya'll!! Some permission changes were made today regarding the "Clusterbusters Files" section of the board. Going forward, only moderators will be able to add new content or make changes to existing threads, and members will no longer be able to post comments on existing threads. If you have a question or comment regarding a particular Clusterbusters File, please start a new thread in the "General", "Theory and Implementation", or "Busting Stories" sections as appropriate. If anyone has issues accessing or viewing threads In the "Clusterbusters Files" section Going forward please alert us in this thread. Dallas Denny
  18. @Jusnobody happy to know it led you to find us!! I expect to see a bunch of newcomers as more folks get to see it! DD
  19. Welcome to the community!! Dallas Denny
  20. Anyone else catch this last nite? Seems that the nat geo film crew made a visit to the clusterbusters conference this past year and included that video footage in this documentary titled "LSD.. the psychedelic revolution"...season 1 episode 3......many familiar faces including our fearless leader Bob W!! DD
  21. So happy to see you're going to attend this inaugural event @Shaun brearley!! I'll never forget my first patient conference in Portland in 2010! Be sure and give my good friend and our vice president of clusterbusters.org, Lady Ainslie, a big hug from me! And BTW, I second the jeebsters notion of your sharing your story if they have openings for speakers dude!! If you'd be up for it I can definitely put Ainslie in touch with ya bud! DD
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