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  1. What part of the country are you in?
  2. Was a fluke. Had 2 horrible days, but may be when I get some more infusions it will happen again... still worlds better having k in my Arsenal. Had 2 Attacks that didn’t respond to the K until I used more than usual. These were amongst the worst attacks I’ve had.... CH is always changing even when you’re chronic...
  3. Had 2 nights w no CH this week!!! Got slammed last night but I’m grateful fir the nights w no hits!!! Going to see if a few more infusions help after the new year. I’ll keep y’all posted.
  4. A week back on the ket and already my CH is much better!!! Decreased frequency and intensity for some hits. Slept through the night last night...
  5. Hey folks sorry for the delay it’s been a bit of a clusterfuck lately w the move/transition But I’ve finally found a doc that is comfortable w ketamine and CH. we started w nasal spray and troches, and they do infusions which I’m going to try and work in per their recommendation . They don’t advertise that they do infusions like all the money hungry places here. They recommended I do infusions to kick back the beast so it responds more to the at home ketamine. ... they are more affordable as well. Found a pharmacy that charges 1/4 the $ as I was paying before... I can breathe again wooo hooo!!!
  6. Please put something in your stomach if you take the nsaids!!! You can get an ulcer in 3 days if you’re taking 800mg around the clock. Seen it happen to a surgeon I worked w,..
  7. Freud


    Ketamine is a Controled substance and it is schedule 3, refills can be written (although most docs won’t). It’s addiction potential is lower than most painkillers. It is the class of anesthetic drugs called dissociatives. At lower doses it blunts your awareness to your pain. At higher doses it can abort CHs in the intranasal form or oral troches. Usually used in an operative room or procedure suit in the IV or IM form. In the out pt setting it is becoming a very trendy thing at ketamine infusion centers. They are claiming it’s a miracle drug for depression, PTSD, migraines, CH, chronic pain Pts. It has to be made at a compounding pharmacy and can get pretty expensive depending on the state you’re in and local prices. When I was in NJ the average price for the spray and the troches (when I was getting both) was about $550/month!!!! Down here in FL I got quoted a price of 1/4 of what I was spending in NJ. The problem is it’s hard to find a Dr that is comfortable working w it and prescribing it. It’s recommended to take a drug holiday for 3-7 days a month depending on your Drs recommendation to prevent your body from building a tolerance. Some docs don’t say it though. You might only need half the script I was getting. I have a high tolerance to most drugs. I was exposed to K in high doses when I was burned for regular dressing changes... Id take trex in the plain of you don’t think you could grin and bear it. Use it in the plane, may be in the trip. And pay for the consequences after. For me once I stop using it my CH returns to its normal shittyness. Lol.
  8. Freud


    It is a dose dependent thing how much dissociation and that few beeer feeling. The oral is much less noticeable. If you take the dose of nasal I was on it can give you a drunk like feeling for 30-40min. All in all unless I’m having a 9/10 that won’t break w one oral then I use my nasal spray 5-10pumps (so 50-100mg). I have never felt anything like the infusions when using my at home ketamine. I’d say you’re pretty functional. In the beginning when I got much weaker nasal spray it wouldn’t abort my CHs but I used enough so you feel a little spacey and you just get through the pain easier. You have the CH, you know it’s there but you can ignore the pain a fair amount. My ideal situation is to have some intranasal at 100mg/ml and 100mg troches. Save the spray for the ones that don’t break. Or a 10.... hope this babble is helpful, I’m at kipp 7 and climbing atm...
  9. Freud


    For us chronics, at least me. I know the hits are coming numerous times a day. Often kipp 9-10s, so I see it like this. Plane, train, home all good same sht. There is no stopping them some times. But anything except the dentist while they are doing oral surgery. That was the worst. Take some trex and hope for the best. In the last 5 years I flew 5 times. Only once did I get a CH and I took a trex (that was when I relied on them). Now I don’t fly with anything except ketamine if I have it. That would be a great abort on the plane. People it’s not reported much but oral and nasal ketamine will abort CHs!!! If you get fewer attacks your less likely to build a tolerance. If you are worried about disorientation or other side effects the oral (troches) are much less intoxicating when you are a newbie. Takes a bit longer to kick in but what a life saver for me in the past. Having both is my goal.
  10. Easiest thing to do is bring a regulator and go to the welding supply store or Freight and Harbor” and get a welding tank. Otherwise you need a script sent to one of the larger companies like Apria or Lincare I’m not sure how you could get that done as they won’t have a US medical license
  11. The day continued w big hit warnings like when I first got CH. so I didn’t hold out on the Oxygen. So far I’d have to say I see some changes that are a good sign. No luck finding a doc, even reached out to an anesthesiologist in Orlando I used to work w. Unfortunately he didn’t know of any one... I have an appointment fit the first w a headache and pain guy that did me a favor/ professional curtesy and let me make an appointment without insurance. Don’t have high expectations but who knows. Office staff did tell him about the ketamine... at this point I’m not sure if I should fly somewhere to see a doc that does work w ketamine and hope they will do refills or telemedicine in between in person visits. Which my former pain doc won’t do. It would only work if they would. Fingers crossed a few more infusions do the trick. The CRNA did tell me at my first infusion that the chronic pain protocol is 3 days of 3hr infusions. I’m going to talk to her at/ before the next infusion and see what she thinks. Have to talk to my guardian angel as well...
  12. How about cowboy cheer leaders. Lol last night I only had 2 strange CH attacks while sleeping. Strange in the sense that they were like extended warnings of a big hit coming but I used oxygen to abort... going to call Apria today and see if they will swap out tanks.... fingers crossed they don’t give me a hard time... best wishes to all happy turkey day!!!
  13. 2 hits on the overnight and one this am. Not as bad as my normal attacks. Hopefully it continues.
  14. Second infusion done, two hit so far since the infusion. Hopefully I get some sleep tonight. Still no luck finding a doc that uses ketamine here in FL other than infusion centers or psychiatrists. Exploring docs in north central FL now...
  15. I have the opposite I get CHs all the time and once a month to several days in a week I’ll get a 24-48hr migraine. I’ve always known my migraine triggers and try and manage 2/3 and fend them off. Eating enough extra food for brain fuel while being sleep deprived is my main preventative. The other trigger is smoking too much.... but it only happens 1-2x a quarter... thank god. Both suck but I eventually fall asleep w the migraine and am woken by a cluster.
  16. Burnt through half an M tank in the last 2 days. No bueno. I need a full one every day to abort them if they respond. So it’s been a battle recently. Looking forward to my infusion at 10am tomorrow. The great abyss here I come. Lol. Let’s see if I have a repeat exit slap back hit.
  17. I have and not an option for me for 2 reasons. One the depakote and zyprexa I’m on and secondly, it is so foul I only have an interest in 5-meo-DMT. I have a source if I’m patient but it was offered to me at a friends house and my set and setting weren’t all there and I especially hate the thick nasty smoke it produces. It’s like freebasing plastic. Anyone have a similar experience? I’ve rolled it w Tobacco as well as some fine green. Still instant hack city and urges to hurl. If you reach breakthrough dose than you’re so gone you don’t cough. You just stare into the abyss or flop over. Always do seated!!! Since my receptors are fried from various psych drugs over the last 10 years psychedelics don’t seem of much use to me. And I have to come off them to dose. Not doing that any more. Unless I did find some mescaline... grasp away. Any suggestion besides a cure is welcome. Not bc I don’t want one but they don’t exist.
  18. He could call it in, wrote refills. But he wouldn’t do rather. Just a “good luck”. He did me a favor and wrote me 10ml of nasal spray. Max use 2x a day 10pumps each time. Let’s you treat 10Ch. That was what he gave me w 1 month of troches... said find a doc on Cluster busters... I told him it wasn’t a ketamine site and there wasn’t much on here.... So dejected and frustrated I’m now searching north and central FL. UF in Gainesville has pain docs running a headache center. One of them has an interest in CH. that’s my next plan.
  19. Nah I think the last Dr I was seeing in NJ was happy to see me go. He thought I was risky to treat but “he knows how bad I suffer “ so he would only write me troches after I was hospitalized for staying off my meds for a couple of months to bust. I told him it wasn’t the ketamine so did my parents my psych... didn’t matter. Once you get the crazy label medical professionals treat you differently.
  20. Man it is. I was going to make a post “how do you prevent from becoming an absolute fecking ass hole to be around when you suffer w these attacks day in day out for any period of time?”
  21. Not giving up on infusions but just not sure how many I’m going to do until I see results or not... to be discussed w my guardian angel :-) I can’t stress this enough I am not suicidal as I told my mother. Sometimes I just don’t want to live like this any more. I’ve just hit a rough patch. Anyone try intranasal sotolol?
  22. Day 3 post infusion, 2 wicked day time attacks 1 wicked evening attack and 2-3 alarm clock attacks (wicked but I aborted w oxygen fairly easily). I’m saving my O2 for alarm clock attacks or kipp 10s I can’t tough out. it’s taking it’s toll on my family, despite my warning I was going to be up the creek the were “optimists “ that a new doc down here would have some magical answer/ treatment. I’m trying to let go of my anger about it all but it’s hard when I’m getting clobbered Day 3 was better than before I started all K tx a year ago but still has me questioning wanting to live like this. !!!not in the suicidal sense but in the if I died of natural causes sense it wouldn’t be so bad. My QOL sucks and unless I am able to find a doc to help me w home use K I’m up the river... time to call north FL docs Monday. Found a few pain docs at Uf that treat CH and some other headache pain docs as well. After I exhaust these options I’ll call the few remaining compounding pharmacy’s I haven’t called yet in N FL to see if they have a referral. After that my plan is to move back some how and see my old doc. Or a new one that works w K if some one here has a recommendation.
  23. I wish I was getting relief. It was only one infusion and the one study of 4 patients that had infusions was 15-17 infusions before they started nasal... I spent the whole day calling compounding pharmacy’s and drs offices to no success. I’m pretty screwed. The longer I go without the ketamine at home the worse my attacks are getting. I’m fecked at the moment.
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