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  1. Hi All, My neuro diagnosed me with CH with a rare variety where I also get a migraine. This was when I initially had them 4 years ago. I have never had a migraine other than during the attacks, but most of the time the migraine lasts for hours after the CH ends. The CH have definitely changed. At first they lasted about 2-3 hours at 2pm and sometimes also 2am daily. Now they only last around 15-30mins, but I get between 1-4 attacks daily, usually at either 2am, 4am, 6am, 8am, but occasionally at other times such as 9pm. I tried busting with Psilocybe semilanceata on Monday
  2. Hi all, Does anyone else get severe migraines during their attacks? Whenever I get an attack I usually get an awful migraine during the attack, and then carries on for hours afterwards. So whenever I get an attack I get extremely dizzy, vomiting throughout the entire attack, tingling in my hands, I also get extremely hot and almost faint. Does anyone else experience each attack like this? I've recently started a new cycle after being 4 years in remission. Hope you're all pain free.
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