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  1. Does anyone hear ANYTHING from Brian?

  2. gail CRUTCHER


    Brian! I've thought of you every day and am thrilled to see whatever version of you is back! You know i love you! You have made my day!!!! Happy Trails to YOU!!!! gail
  3. gail CRUTCHER

    14 years in the making, psilocybin & clusters enter the lab

    I should add that for the most part I have a great quality of life. I am VERY active and still operate a small business. Maybe if i'd not had such an illness free life I'd be less inclined to whine now! I recently included a new Dr. who introduced me to the Emgality concept, and the Eli LIlly concept of huge profit, as well as a "helper" who offered to allow me to join their club for a fee and a huge obligation; had to pass on that. Is anyone familiar with the success of that drug for CCHR's? I can't imagine how I could justify paying nearly $5,000 a pop for it. MEANWHILE, life goes on and I feel great right no and have learned that the trick is to really enjoy these times!! Thanks so much!!
  4. gail CRUTCHER

    14 years in the making, psilocybin & clusters enter the lab

    Thanks so much for your understanding. I am aware that when I hurt, I don't think very well!! I do respond to O2, and used it in the middle of the night last night. When I set about a new experiment (daily), sometimes it doesn't go well and I pay a price!! I continually try to find a way to reduce the amount of verapamil lI use, but decided to check my BP yesterday and realized that I needed to remember that too! Too much to remember!! It was very high, so it's back to the V. I take 4 a day, and don't like doing it. Until I reached 70 or so, I was drug free~~and then along came you know what! I detest the idea of drugs, but know that if I choose to remain alive, which is a choice I face often, I will be using them. If you have a better idea, please let me know!! Thanks so much. gail
  5. gail CRUTCHER

    14 years in the making, psilocybin & clusters enter the lab

    Hello! I did not mean to imply that sumatriptan caused kidney failure; so sorry.
  6. gail CRUTCHER

    Taurine! WOW!

    So, will an O2 concentrator work?
  7. gail CRUTCHER

    O2 concentrator?

    I have just had my first experience with oxygen rental, and while it did help me, it wasn't reallyo what I needed. I'm wondering if and O2 concentrator would be best? Many of you have lots of experience with oxygen and I'd love to hear from you as to what you think is best. I know NOTHING. The concept of going to a welding shop and trying to piece together my own system sounds daunting. Thanks so much.
  8. ~~and~~I am chronic, Daily episodes have diminished my love for life to some degree. However, I have not given up~~~

    I am still using verapamil and oxygen and have tried the d3 approach. THey are less painful are more infrequent, but began the day at 4am today with one, and ended it yesterday with another. THey began after my second major surgery, which I understand can make your hypothalamus gland unhappy. I will try ANYTHING to make it happy again. I was in my 70's when they began and am 78 now. 

  9. Thanks so much. I have tried growing my own with no success and am searching for how to buy the finished product.


  10. I have tried multiple times to register for your newsletters, but am repeatedly told that The contact list 1569107038 does not exist, whatever that means. I am trying to learn how I may obtain informaiton on mushrooms. I know, a very big secret. So big that I can't even learn about it. Is there no help for me? I have posted here before but this has me totally shut out.
  11. gail CRUTCHER


    Thanks to all who have responded! Pretty much I have decided to live, live, live till I die, and am very grateful to have had this many good years. It is my understanding that oxygen is used strictly for an abort, not necessarily to prevent? Since I am chronic, that would mean that daily at least, I'd need to try to abort a CH. Just the thought of having another one gives me chills, as it's been a while since I've had a full blown one. So, maybe I should just continue the route I'm on, understanding that I've increased my chances of heart attack by 50%, as well as cancer. Not a happy overview, but neither is waiting for the onset of another CH to use oxygen. Weighing my options. Yes, I'm a chicken now that I don't have them anymore, and NEVER want another one. Choices~~we live and die by them! Thanks again and I'll go weigh for a while!!!
  12. gail CRUTCHER


    I am a 77 year old caucasian woman who has had chronic CH for about 5 years now. I am currently able to control both frequency and ferocity of Ch with 3 doses a day, about 360 mg. of Verapamil. I believe the CH may have been triggered by excessive surgical procedures in the attempt to retrieve an errant parathyroid gland from my chest. This entailed 2 thoracotomies. After being diagnosed by a "headache specialist", and finding no treatment that helped, I found myself on my own, and contemplating suicide as the pain was more than I could bear. Thru Cluster Busters found many who wanted to help and tried many avenues, but the only one that has really helped me to somewhat regain my formerly very active lifestyle was Verapamil. So far, no Dr will help me to obtain oxygen. It is now my understanding that Verapamil increases my chances of heart attack by 60%, as well as opening the door to cancer. I am still operating a small business of my own creation, and that is beginning to wear on me. Once more I throw myself on the mercy of Cluster Busters. In the past I have used an excessive amount of vitamin D3, which ultimately helped to create kidney failure as my calcium level became dangerously high. I am guilty of not seeking medical help often, as it has not been successful in the past. So, here I am, looking forward to March Madness (Louisville, Ky) as a crazy basketball fan, trying to find a diet that will allow my system to function nearly normally so that my husband and I can lead the best lives possible. Can anyone help me? Thanks, gail crutcher
  13. gail CRUTCHER

    Looking for help

    getting a headache trying it learn to navigate this site!!! i find no help with "how to" and i'm very sure it's there, but I'm too green. How to get to theory and Implementation is well hidden~~
  14. gail CRUTCHER

    Episodic CH sufferer - new here

    Learning to navigate the forums here and trying to find Theory & Implementation~~~
  15. gail CRUTCHER

    Episodic CH sufferer - new here

    I can't even find a "reply" option, so I'm trying "quote" and hope that works. Thanks for every bit of help you offer. How can I find the Cluster 02 kit? Yes, Vera;pamil did help reduce the frequency and ferocity, but sumatriptan has remained my go to. 100 mgs elevates my BP leaving me with one more fight. Now my blood calcium is very elevated as well,and I know I MUST leave sumatriptan behind.WHile it has made life possible, it is also shortening my life every day.