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  1. Brian~~~I need you and can't find you. Gail 502 447 1243

    1. Freud


      Call me please Gail…

    2. Freud


      I will reach out to you tomorrow if you lost my number.  

  2. Oops see that was mentioned lol. Reading is fundamental
  3. Sleep paralysis is a sign of narcolepsy. Do you have any other symptoms?
  4. Hi all sorry for the long delay in updates. It appears that the infusions did help or my CH just naturally cycles a little. I finally found a doc willing to work w me using ketamine at home and I am using intra nasal and troches. They also do infusions so I am going to schedule one this week. Since I got back on at home Ketamine my CH has quieted down a bunch but I still get hit. I am using a fair amount of K per month (600-800mg total). But I have built some tolerance since I have been using it a year and a half now. Most docs won’t give you that much per day bc they aren’t used to working w it. You do have to be mindful and not over use it as you can get gall bladder inflammation and gu side effects.
  5. I spoke w someone in CO that was successful, no word yet for myself…
  6. Bring your 25LPM regulator. But I’m guessing you miss may want E tanks too. Don’t know the cost of those
  7. 25$/ M tank. I got my first oxygen bill! Hopefully it goes back to zero w my new health insurance
  8. Apria, Apria, Apria.... call the local office make an account and rent a car and pick up oxygen... they are a national company....
  9. What part of the country are you in?
  10. Was a fluke. Had 2 horrible days, but may be when I get some more infusions it will happen again... still worlds better having k in my Arsenal. Had 2 Attacks that didn’t respond to the K until I used more than usual. These were amongst the worst attacks I’ve had.... CH is always changing even when you’re chronic...
  11. Had 2 nights w no CH this week!!! Got slammed last night but I’m grateful fir the nights w no hits!!! Going to see if a few more infusions help after the new year. I’ll keep y’all posted.
  12. A week back on the ket and already my CH is much better!!! Decreased frequency and intensity for some hits. Slept through the night last night...
  13. Hey folks sorry for the delay it’s been a bit of a clusterfuck lately w the move/transition But I’ve finally found a doc that is comfortable w ketamine and CH. we started w nasal spray and troches, and they do infusions which I’m going to try and work in per their recommendation . They don’t advertise that they do infusions like all the money hungry places here. They recommended I do infusions to kick back the beast so it responds more to the at home ketamine. ... they are more affordable as well. Found a pharmacy that charges 1/4 the $ as I was paying before... I can breathe again wooo hooo!!!
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