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  1. @trjonas, it is true though. Micro dosing is such a powerful pop culture movement. Everyone wants to hitch their wagon to it.
  2. Hi guys, I wanted to share this article I wrote on microdosing with the community. https://www.eleusiniaretreat.com/microdosing-for-pain/
  3. @trjonas, - I take a pretty large dose of zofran each time a half hour before taking mm. -I have never had a rebound headache after mm. My regular headache returned immediately after my first couple of sessions, but I have never had what could be described as a rebound or slapback. I do know a few people who get migrainous headaches after dosing.
  4. @trjonas, that is dried. It is a whopping dose.
  5. @trjonas, yes, I have what my neuro has described as a weird HC, because I have all the classic symptoms, but little to no response to indo. A few people have contacted me on FB recently regarding HC and busting. Are you one of them? My first name is Jessica. I am pretty much pain free with psilocybin. It took several heavy doses (5G) once a week to get the headache broken and pain free, and weekly doses of 1 gram keep me here. The pain free time only occurs at about a week at a time.
  6. @trjonas, busting does work for my hemicrania continua. It seems to require a rather aggressive dosing schedule, like many chronic CH suffers. I had minimal to no response to indomethacin. But I am resistant to NSAIDS. I can’t comment on the boswellia, because I was already mostly pain free by the time I heard about it.
  7. Dr. Schindler at Yale is looking for people with post concussive headaches to participate in a clinical trial, FYI
  8. I hope everyone is noticing that we are discussing two different companies- MindMed and MindMend. Looks like MindMend is just trying to be the next wave of dispensaries, not research.
  9. @MRUPE, I can help you out with not failing. If you follow this series, it is pretty much error proof. @banano can attest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGw3oSLhL0k @Chris Moore, you can solve the problem of unpredictability by growing your own batch and grinding a large batch into a powder. This makes everything uniform and predictable. You then make capsules like the video below:
  10. https://www.statnews.com/2020/01/07/transforming-psychedelics-into-mainstream-medicines/
  11. I think they are talking about the kind of inflammation that leads to heart disease or neurological diseases, not musculoskeletal pain.
  12. I have had several conversations with clusterheads and with my neuro (Dr. Burish) about the parallels between the pain often referred to as “shadows” and the HC experience. I am resistant to NSAIDS and most pain meds. Indomethacin never really helped me, leaving HC out formally as a diagnosis. But as Dr. Burish told me “these titles are just arbitrarily decided by some guys in a room”, so whether you want to call it hemicrania continua or NDPH that is presenting identical to hemicrania continua, it is what it is. I don’t respond to indomethacin, I probably don’t even process it becau
  13. I can relate to that hopeless feeling about the future, and I know what it’s like to feel like the rest of your life is just a juicy delicious looking meal that has now been poisoned and can no longer be enjoyed. I don’t have kids to worry about disappointing, but I did feel at some points that my close family and friends didn’t know that I was already dead, but just pretending until formal arrangements could be made. Busting changed all of this for me. And by busting, I don’t mean “I tried a couple 1.5 gram doses” to see how I felt. This is a lifestyle for me now, just like monitoring bl
  14. Looks like this is an old post, but I'll just chime in. All of the research I've looked at points to an overall positive effect. Psilocybin has anti inflammatory effects.
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