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  1. Jteira

    recommended doctor list

    One of the doctors listed in Houston is actually deceased.
  2. I wouldn’t write off topamax immediately without trying it, though. I take 200/mg a day with zero side effects.
  3. Jteira

    50 yr old Newbie

    @Dr. Julie, I had never heard of psilocybin being used to treat sleep disorders. Can you link to research? I had a severe sleep issue that just popped up out of nowhere in 2015. I completely lost the ability to fall asleep naturally, and was awake for several days before getting medication. I was completely dependent on sleep medication for a few years. A MRI just showed some scarring in the midbrain that may or may not have been related. I slowly recovered, but it took years. I was still struggling with sleep issues, but much better when my headache started. Now that I am busting, all those difficulties are gone. I don’t know if it is because of the way psilocybin tends to smooth out destructive/repetitive thoughts (subconscious anxiety about being able to sleep?) or if there is something else going on.
  4. I know it's a weird request, but I thought it was worth a shot. I am in the diagnostic process, and trying to compare the feeling of my headache to a specific type of sensation you usually get while surfing. It's a bitch of a headache you get when you wipeout REALLY hard and slap the water hard on one side. Pain radiates out from your ear and your nose and eye just gushes for a while. If you are a surfer, I'm sure you have shared this experience too. My question is, is this also what your cluster headaches fee like?
  5. Jteira

    Topamax thoughts?

    I take 200 mg topamax per day, which is pretty high. I have zero side effects, other than a slight drop in appetite. I speak three languages, and I haven't had any vocabulary problems in any of them so far (it's been about a year). As for the how effective it is, I can't really say anything about that. I have a constant headache, not really cluster headache style. I when I reached about 100mg/day of topamax, my headache briefly dissipated for about a day and a half. I still remember that day and a half of bliss, almost a year after. The headache came back though, but I never stopped taking the topamax, hoping for the phenomenon to reoccur.
  6. Jteira

    Sad but Necessary Action Today

    That must have been a very tough decision. Mental illness seemed to be at play there, clear as day. Passive aggression, persecution complex.
  7. Jteira

    Ego bashing

    @Pebblesthecorgi, Michael Pollan’s relatively recent book “How to Change Your Mind” was very good. The first 50% was a lot of history and what I consider “fluff” about people’s spiritual experiences regarding psychedelics, but the second half was focused on mor neuroscience.
  8. Jteira

    Has anyone tried emgality?

    Technically not plants. Mushrooms breath oxygen and are more closely related to animals than plants. If you try to grow them like plants, you'll be in for a bad time.