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  1. I hope this is still firm! Just bought non refundable tickets! @trjonas
  2. @trjonas, it is true though. Micro dosing is such a powerful pop culture movement. Everyone wants to hitch their wagon to it.
  3. Hi guys, I wanted to share this article I wrote on microdosing with the community. https://www.eleusiniaretreat.com/microdosing-for-pain/
  4. @trjonas, - I take a pretty large dose of zofran each time a half hour before taking mm. -I have never had a rebound headache after mm. My regular headache returned immediately after my first couple of sessions, but I have never had what could be described as a rebound or slapback. I do know a few people who get migrainous headaches after dosing.
  5. @trjonas, that is dried. It is a whopping dose.
  6. @trjonas, yes, I have what my neuro has described as a weird HC, because I have all the classic symptoms, but little to no response to indo. A few people have contacted me on FB recently regarding HC and busting. Are you one of them? My first name is Jessica. I am pretty much pain free with psilocybin. It took several heavy doses (5G) once a week to get the headache broken and pain free, and weekly doses of 1 gram keep me here. The pain free time only occurs at about a week at a time.
  7. @trjonas, busting does work for my hemicrania continua. It seems to require a rather aggressive dosing schedule, like many chronic CH suffers. I had minimal to no response to indomethacin. But I am resistant to NSAIDS. I can’t comment on the boswellia, because I was already mostly pain free by the time I heard about it.
  8. Dr. Schindler at Yale is looking for people with post concussive headaches to participate in a clinical trial, FYI
  9. I hope everyone is noticing that we are discussing two different companies- MindMed and MindMend. Looks like MindMend is just trying to be the next wave of dispensaries, not research.
  10. @MRUPE, I can help you out with not failing. If you follow this series, it is pretty much error proof. @banano can attest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGw3oSLhL0k @Chris Moore, you can solve the problem of unpredictability by growing your own batch and grinding a large batch into a powder. This makes everything uniform and predictable. You then make capsules like the video below:
  11. https://www.statnews.com/2020/01/07/transforming-psychedelics-into-mainstream-medicines/
  12. I think they are talking about the kind of inflammation that leads to heart disease or neurological diseases, not musculoskeletal pain.
  13. I have had several conversations with clusterheads and with my neuro (Dr. Burish) about the parallels between the pain often referred to as “shadows” and the HC experience. I am resistant to NSAIDS and most pain meds. Indomethacin never really helped me, leaving HC out formally as a diagnosis. But as Dr. Burish told me “these titles are just arbitrarily decided by some guys in a room”, so whether you want to call it hemicrania continua or NDPH that is presenting identical to hemicrania continua, it is what it is. I don’t respond to indomethacin, I probably don’t even process it becau
  14. I can relate to that hopeless feeling about the future, and I know what it’s like to feel like the rest of your life is just a juicy delicious looking meal that has now been poisoned and can no longer be enjoyed. I don’t have kids to worry about disappointing, but I did feel at some points that my close family and friends didn’t know that I was already dead, but just pretending until formal arrangements could be made. Busting changed all of this for me. And by busting, I don’t mean “I tried a couple 1.5 gram doses” to see how I felt. This is a lifestyle for me now, just like monitoring bl
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