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  1. Add Mirtazapine aka Remron to not playing well. Blocks serotonin receptors.

  2. Two right answers are not the longest novel I’ve ever read. Thanks BoF and Freud.
  3. Howdy Y’all, [getting linguistically prepped for Dallas. I only have M-tanks at home, and the proper 540 regulator. Does the attached pic show a correct regulator for an E-TANK/ and can it be swapped from E to E?
  4. Into Light

    D3 clarification help

    The entire D3 regimen was approved by my oncologist with the exception of any fish oil. I sent screenshots of a vegan supplement for approval.
  5. Into Light

    D3 clarification help

    Amazon had everything needed. I am vegan so therefore am looking for plant or supplement delivery of the needed DHA and EPA.batch did say that the fish oil components can be skipped if necessary
  6. Into Light

    Describing CH to non-believers

    Ya Think?
  7. Into Light

    Best cheap demand valve?

    I’ve never gone wring spending top dollar for any equipment. It always has been more dependable and the functiional life eventually makes whatever the less expensive alternative. I have not yet researched the demand valve, in spite of having a prescription for it that specifies CH, since I might have gotten on board with functionality from 25LPM. just my opinion, developed over years of working as a pioneer in the field of computer illustration, fine art and photography. IntoLight ignore below, thanks
  8. Into Light


    No matter to me if the KETO diet is helpful; I’m a militant vegan (would make an exception for the Omega-3 oil).
  9. Into Light

    Describing CH to non-believers

    “Nothing Compares with You”
  10. I had to banish sumatriptan totally from my life. 1 shot would stop the headache, but only as side effects ramped up. I would experience increasing nausea. Weakness would become so overwhelming I could not even rest my hands on my chest while lying down. I would pass out. And awaken with no HA, but unable to do anything other than lie on the couch for about 5-7 days; could not think clearly; could not read, certainly could not work for my art business. I couldn't even sketch. My doctor switched me to oral rizatriptan, but I don’t take it. I am on 480mg Verapamil/day. Any change from that or missed dosage yields the return of CHs with a vengeance. I’m ECH with chronic shadows.
  11. What is.a sticky thread? IL
  12. Into Light

    Work and CH

    Hi jon019, exactly of what that is a picture? thanks, IntoLight
  13. Into Light

    Boswellia Serrata

    Good place for ‘edible’ essential oils is Young Living.
  14. Into Light

    Boswellia Serrata

  15. First, I want to thank you for being such a great member of this community. I've learned much from you in my brief time here. Per subject line I would like to know the exact bloodwork "we" need. I will be seeing my neurologist at the beginning of May. He and his team are wonderful, mostly because they really do their best to work with me. I would need all of the regimen as a PDF if you can. I get treated for lymphomae [diffuse enlarged b-cell lymphoma- cured, follicular b-cell lymphoma-still in remission after 6 years( and currently ambeating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia- being treated with chemo. (Thank you World Trade Center) My doctors are all at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I am on a new chemo regimen–ibrutinib– So I need to involve my neurologist, oncologist, naturopath and the pharmacy department. I was taken off high-dose Green Tea Extract and Curcuminin when I was prescribed the ibrutinib. Because I am on 480mg Verapamil the metabolization of the ibrutinib is slowed down and my particular dose of ibrutinib was reduced by 1/3 in order to maintain the proper blood levels of ibrutinib.

    I hope this does not add much to your workload. I really appreciate it.


    1. Batch



      You should have my email response to your request by now.  I think I answered all your questions, but just in case, shoot me an email if I've missed something or you've another question.

      I'm well aware doing battle with cancer is a full time dedicated team effort between you and your doctors.  I'm shy one kidney and several square inches of scalp due to cancer... most likely caused by a year on a monoclonal antibody called daclizumab.  That said, I've managed through all this without chemo or radiation therapy... just lots of vitamin D3, the vitamin D3 Cofactors and lots of Vitamin C.

      I haven't found any open source data on adverse interactions between vitamin D3 and ibrutinib.  There are some links suggesting Omega-3 fish oil can be a problem but no technical or clinical data to back that up.  What I do know is the anti-inflammatory regimen with 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 works wonders building a healthy immune system.

      I'm here to help... and learn.

      Take care and please keep me posted.

      V/R, Batch

    2. Into Light