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  1. I use Apria in Sarasota. They cost $79/mo self-pay for unlimited O2 deliveries. Other than that...make friends with your delivery person.
  2. Ya gotta eat food shortly before. I know indo from palindromic arthrits [presents like gout].
  3. BTW, my oxygen costs me the same, self-pay, no matter how many tanks/deliveries I get. So @jon019 is correct if there is an inventory issue.
  4. smashing my head at a convention flipped me from episodic to chronic. and my flippin maintenance doses have to be 21 days or a bit less. good thing i'm a mycophiliac.
  5. The second you get a hint slam an ice-cold 5-Hr Energy Shot [I can just stomach [haha] the grape, and RUN for the O2. If you get it late, just lay there and keep at it. I never had the right technique until I got into The Wim Hof Method. Stay on the O2 for about 10-minutes after you abort.
  6. BoF loved you. I apprecaite your posts.

  7. Wow, talk about a rabbit hole. I just opened every paper in a new tab. I'll probably create a LiquidText project to organize and distill them.
  8. i just found out sleep apnea can be a cause of cH too.. interferes with sleep cycle and that messes with the hypothalamus which sets sleep cycle. it is thought [mea culpa, can’t remember medical citation] that CH often hits during transition feom or to REM.
  9. https://snoringhq.com/blog/sleep-disorders-and-the-cluster-headache-explained/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15186306/ https://mhni.com/headache-pain-faq/cluster-headaches/cluster-headache-sleep get a sleep lab studyw. then an Airfit10 CPAP. Try the nasl pillow mask with the tub entering at rthe top: you can toss and turn or cuddle your honey, or your dog if that's different. HTH, ad lux @Pebblesthecorgi 4) could be true anyway :)))
  10. Into Light


    and i'll just chime in with: i saw the posts. and by another as well. i'm with BOF all the way.
  11. thanks @Tony Only , i’m very sure i busted the ch on my third dose. issue is multiple comorbidities with similar symptom set: chemo, new chemo, newly diagnosed sleep apnea, head trauma in dallas and, temporarily, prednisone withdrawal after gout attack. i’m grateful that it’s obvious i busted the ch. lux
  12. chemo brain tbi intuition chiemo brain fog and getting slammed without a current medicine source what was i going to do?
  13. thanks @Tony Only. if you don’t mind, i can print this page, highlight the ch and leave it in his mailbox, if i can do so. he lives a few miles from me. geographically-speaking.
  14. i thought i’d need 40 but am fine withthe much less expensive wt farley 25lpm. i fill the optimask and after a bit can turn it down to 20. usually 15 won’t keep the 3-liter bag full.
  15. my neuro says vials no longer available. another option iszembrace...3mg sumatriptan sub-cu. i can’t stand that drug. have a ton of em lying around...
  16. ps rx must be written oxygen 15Lpm for Cluster Headache with the diagnosis code. If the doctor writes higher lpm than 15, and the delivery company has no regulators other than 15lpm (which more than mine don't I rexpect), you may experience, as I did, a refusal to deliver. Just take the 15 lpm rx, then get your own WT Farley regulator. Mine goes to 25 lpm and i need to start with that flow rate and then reduce it to where it keeps the 3-liter Optimask reservoir bag filled. WT Farley – steel and brass. I think I got mine on Amazon though you can use their website.
  17. Depends on where you are probably. Im in FL and self-pay Apria $79/month unlimited refills. Make friends with your delivery guy...s/he will be the lifesaver.
  18. hi @graci, medicare has only just started to pay for O2. Part of the covid-19 responses. previously they did not. I am trying to get the bills submitted to the feds rather than continue to self-pay, which was not an egregious amount until the pandemic laid waste to my art nusiness. i recommend that you check your policy. lux
  19. Medicare now covers oxygen
  20. @Brain on fire please don't let one ego harass you off of the board. Please.
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