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  1. Yes. Still getting the error message when I try to DM him of "Batch can not receive messages".
  2. Ok, I’ll wait for Batch’s responses. Been feeling better and better every day anyways. Taking melatonin and the on day 11 of Vitamin regimen. Some people also had luck with CBD oil so we’ll see. Maybe I can try the indomethacin per the doctors orders, just to confirm it is indeed this. I don’t believe it’s the Continua version because I’m only getting them in bouts of about 4-6 weeks.
  3. Perfect, so I have a few more questions about HC and the D3 Regimen: Do you personally know of post or person with hemicrania continua so that I can ask them if the D3 regimen worked or what alternative treatment worked for them? I was reading that indomethacin is the primary treatment, which is basically a strong NSAID - and after a while those would do a number on my stomach. Why is the maintenance dose 10k IUs if that supposedly raises your 25 OH D by 1ng/ml?
  4. Wow, what an exorbitant amount of useful information - thanks CHFather! HC sounds very similar to what I'm experiencing, except for the seasonal nature of this beast. Upon further research it seems as though it could indeed be seasonal, I'll call my Neurologists office on Monday and see if they can prescribe some indomethacin. Is there any evidence behind the D3 regimen helping with this condition? Also my apologies for using the incorrect terminology. Also, you say in your post that the pill form of sumatriptan is virtually useless but the one time I did use it, it definitely helpe
  5. Hey Guys, Typically how long till the Vitamin regimen busts the cycle? I have been on it for almost 10 days (granted at the beginning I did not take as much D3 just to see how my body would react). The pain is a pretty consistent 2 throughout the day, getting to at most maybe a 3 around 11. Is this normal? It's like I'm always aware of the area near my right eye and eyebrow. P.S. It doesn't seem like I've ever had clusters at night and sometime they vary time-wise. Also - people describe them as the worst pain humanly possible - I don't think mine have ever gotten to that extent. I'
  6. Haha - yeah, I am Russian, so that would be why the names are so similar
  7. Appreciate the quick feedback. Are all multivitamins created equal? Meaning if I buy a different brand or a gummy will it have everything necessary that the Kirkland one does? Any regarding the Benadryl - do you think it's necessary if I'm not having any of my allergy symptoms? I've been on the allergy shots for over a year so I don't know if that's contributing or not. Also is it normal to feel a sensation in my nostril sometimes throughout the day? Like it feels tingly or just abnormal. Is that still part of the trigeminal nerve maybe?
  8. Thank you Spiny, and no I am not using the ‘burpless’ one. I think I may actually be getting nauseous from the multivitamin, so it’s going to be a little bit of trial and error to figure that out. Today, I took 10000IUs of the D3, Magnesium and the multivitamin with breakfast and only had about 10 mins of nausea. Going to take the rest with dinner and see if the fish oil is the culprit.
  9. Awesome - thanks for the tip. I'll try it today.
  10. Just tried sending him a PM to the error message "Batch can not receive messages".
  11. Good to know, I may give that a shot. What did you do to mitigate the nausea with the fish oil? Also I should mention I have allergies, but have been doing the immunotherapy shots for over a year so I don’t know if those are a factor. I’ve read Batch’s responses about taking Benadryl to prevent the histamine reaction. Does he need to be tagged or something to respond?
  12. Hey Everyone, I'm pretty new to the community - started getting clusters last year, early September. And as all of you, thought they were sinus-related or something else so I had an MRI and CT scan, and everything came back normal. Last year my cycle started and ended earlier. This year it came back around September 22nd. So I started off by seeing my PC doctor. I happened to get my 25 (OH) D tested and it was 23.6 ng/ml. After that I went to see a few neurologists, some thought it was a migraine but most thought it was cluster headaches due to the cyclical nature of the headaches, t
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