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Diagnosis (Dx): Episodic cluster headache  
Cluster headaches are extremely severe but last between 30 minutes and 3 hours. They strictly involve only one side of the forehead, and are usually associated with ipsilateral (on the same side as the headache) redness, tearing, or drooping of the eye, runny nose or congestion, facial sweating or swelling, or related symptoms. Patients often become agitated or pace. The headaches often occur with “clock-like” regularity. Episodic cluster headaches occur in cycles of weeks-to-months at a time, and then spontaneously resolve, but usually recur months or years later.


 T1.  How long have you been having the headaches that are bothering you?    more than a year / many years
 T2.  How often do you get a headache which is more than just mild, or makes it difficult to function normally or that you take medication to treat?    every day or nearly every day, for weeks - months at a time, then no headaches for months - years
 T3.  How long does each of these headaches usually last (without treatment)?    less than 3 hours

 SLHT1.  How long does each severe headache attack usually last?    15 minutes - 3 hours
 SLHT2.  How many headache attacks do you usually have each day?    1 - 5 most days
 SLHT3.  In between the severe headache(s), is there some headache the rest of the day?    no, just the severe headache

 SLH1.  Are the severe headaches (or facial pains)...    always one side and always on the same side
 SLH2.  Are these headaches...(choose all that apply)  
  around the eye, forehead, or temple
  mainly in the face (cheek or jaw)
 SLH3.  During the headaches, is there usually...(choose all that apply)  
  tearing or redness of the eye only on the same side as the headache
  runny nose only on the same side as the headache
  swelling or drooping of the eyelid only on the same side as the headache
  feeling very restless or agitated (such as needing to pace or bang your head)
 SLH4.  Would you describe these headaches/facial pains as...(choose all that apply)  
  severe or very severe
 SLH5.  Are these headaches triggered by touching the area, yawning, chewing, swallowing or a similar stimulus?    No

 WHA1.  Have you had any headaches which started so suddenly and were so severe that it was like being hit in the head, or like an explosion    No
 WHA2.  Does you headache sometimes wake you up from sleep?    yes
 WHA3.  Can you trigger a headache, or make it much worse, by    cough/sneeze/bearing down?...no
 WHA4.  Do you experience any neurologic symptoms, with or without your headache, such as  
 none of the above
 WHA5.  Do you have any history of seizures?    no
 WHA6.  Do you have any of the following symptoms?  
 none of the above
 WHA7.  Do you have any history of cancer?    no