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  1. I'll see what I can do.  I've been a Medium Sensitive since I was a kid and I'll try to do some research on the place too.  There was a case like this with floating heads/eyes in Italy about 16 years ago, so I'll also pull that up if I can find any accounts.  and maybe next time I am in Texas to see Mysti we can swing by.  If its anything negative I can get rid of it for sure.  If not, I can try to convey to any of the entities there that no one wants them harmed, but likewise you fine people would prefer to be left in peace when you are utalizing the site.  usually spirits are as reasonable as any person.

  2. I also know how lucky I am to have the family I do, and Kage. <3 They're a good part of what makes my life worth living. I'm also lucky to have all of you clusterbusters as a part of my family too. :)

    We're all lucky to have you too.  My life would be far poorer without you in it...

  3. Glad to see you back home, Pixie :)

    cannot figure out what a shunt is, dictionaries are not clear on this

    Its a device that drains excess fluid from her spinal fluid into a cavity in her abdomin in order to relieve pressure. This process is called shunting, and therefore the device itself is called a shunt.

  4. She made it through the second Surgery just fine.  She will be in the hospital a few more days, as they want to make sure she does not develope any infections.  I'll leave her to tell you the gory details of her procedure if she so chooses, but she is safe and is grateful for your continued love and support.

  5. Hello everyone This is Pixie-elf's fiancé.  She requested I inform you all that she is curently in the hospital for issues related to her lumbar shunt and will be going into surgery either tomorrow or friday.  Just a routine procedure and nothing to worry about, and she looks forward to talking to you all after she has recouperated.  She sends her love.

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