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  1. Well, a very loved Ch'er swears by exercise. Her CH is very severe and she still busts, but now she is heavy into working out and competing. She looks amazing and feels terrific. This Lady would kick most anyone's butt in Cross-fit. Well, I think that is what you call it.

    So, go with what works, as always.  :)  Some run at the start of a hit or work out at the start. It works for them. Even if it is not the serotonin, you are PF and that is what counts, right?

    That's awesome. My wife is very into CrossFit. I do some of the elements, but my bad knees stop me from doing many of them. If she competes, I am curious who she is. When I would be in cycle I know I would get hit frequently after running.

  2. Thanks everyone for all the support and advice.

    My kids have seen me grinding my rc seeds and i tell them it's my special medicine and they just tend to ignore it. maybe  you are right that i am being overly worried about them finding me growing shrooms. the shroom grow will be a lot harder to hide than the rc seeds though.

    i don't hide my condition from friends and family. i have learned to take ownership of the condition and to take control of my medical treatment when in cycle. i have a decent neuro who is quick to rx me 02 when i call and whatever meds i am in need of.

    last night i had a pf night!!!!!!!!!!!

    i took 10mg of melatonin. maybe that was it or i am tending towards the end of this cycle. i am smart enough to know though that one pf night doesn't mean much of anything as far as my cycle ending. thanks for the advice on the melatonin. i have used it before but never gone higher than 10mg. why do us clusterheads seem to require megadoses of whatever of it is...vit d3, melatonin, etc. to treat us???

    hey there mff181 i feel for you being young and just being diagnosed. its a very scary time at the beginning, but there are so many options now for treatment that will hopefully help you minimize the pain or in best case scenario of course eliminate it.

  3. Hi there, i am currently in a bad cycle. Lil background...i am episodic for last 25 years.

    I had a nice 2 year break but it has come back with a vengeance this summer. It started mid July...which is a really weird time for me to be in cycle. I have been having nocturnal headaches nightly except for a 2 week period where I took prednisone while on vacation.

    I go to bed at around 10, get hit usually around midnite, then 2 then again around 5. I hit the Oxygen each time. Lately it has taken longer on the Oxygen to get relief. My only med other than Oxygen is Verapamil. I upped my dose from 480 to 600 and switched from extended release to immediate release recently thinking that might help but there has been no change. I have taken RC seeds but had no relief from them. I also do the D-3 regimen as well with loading doses, etc.

    I have not tried magic fungi as I don't have access. I desperately want to but growing is not really an option as I have teenagers. (why does our best remedy have to be highly illegal???)

    As far as meds I guess I could try lithium...i have always avoided it but that is an alternative.

    During the day I am fine, minimal shadows, and each night I get hit. Only attack I have during the day is after I run.

    Anyone have any advice on treatments I might be missing???



  4. In regards to the 55% suicide rate...I would expect that figure to be actually higher. if  you are just talking about 55% considering it. when i was young, dumb, and having CH attacks without any real treatment options, i took like 15 ibuprofen. i wasn't really trying to kill myself, but i just really wanted the pain to go away. luckily i barfed. i guess im in the 2%.

    I really hate talking to people about CH as well. Everyone wants to tell you treatment options or what I get more is what do you think causes it? why do you get them? i stopped worrying about that a long time ago.

  5. I found this article that discusses acetaldehyde and liquor. It's pretty interesting. Apparently vodka/gin have lowest amount of it of any alcohol. wine and fortified wines have the most. wine is always evil when i am in cycle, but I know in the past I could drink vodka in cycle and it would not give me a headache...interesting...

    also I like the advice of drinking alcohol as quickly as possible...ha....shots shot shots


  6. I went to Shamans Garden where I have always bought my RC seeds and they have none. I read on their site that many sites like theres have been shut down recently due to some MasterCard investigation??? Anyway I start looking for other places to buy and found none. wtf?? where are you guys getting your RC seeds?

  7. ive had ch attacks occur during sex..major buzzkill. never tried to abort one with sex and as AO states i am basically non functional with an attack anyway so i dont know how i would even be able to do it.

    i am an avid runner and when in cycle after i run (on the days i have enough energy to) about 15 mins after i run i will frequently have an attack??

  8. ok lt 2 i think i am a good test subject for the GABA. im off of all rx meds, doing the d3, o2, and ginger tea. i picked up solgar 500mg GABA. ill take 3 before bed and report back. i am having a very active cycle at fairly early stages. did bust about 4 days ago with rc seeds but didnt put a dent in this cycle.

    lt 2 you are either crazy or a mad genius intentionally bringing the headaches on like you did. but i thank you for taking the bullet on this experiment. skeptically optimistic i will let u know what happens

  9. ugh...its not bad enough "my friend" has had cluster headaches for the past 20 years, but he starts doing research into the magical mushrooms that have helped so many sufferers only to find out that since he lives in CA he is screwed since spores wont be shipped here. i am sure he is not the only person on this board to have the misfortune of living in CA. anyone have a plan B?? anyone know of any spore retailers in oregon or nevada where he could drive and pick some up?

  10. really? i just ordered some a week ago and got them on saturday. great service and even included many extra seeds over what i ordered. yeah i just went to their site and saw what you did. and it says Do not order! id be interested to know of another reputable supplier as well.

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