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  1. Scott1973

    Ending cycle

    My cycle started October 13th Right before Christmas I Getting shadow headaches for a couple days then I was getting nothing I was just wondering the temperature in the northeast went from below freezing to in the forties how they are back in full force more painful than ever is anyone else having this problem my oxygen isnt even helping I'm backup to 3 to 4 night
  2. Scott1973

    Nerve blocker

    Has anyone had any luck getting a nerve block done either one the injection things are. Or the implant
  3. Scott1973

    Nerve blocker

    Thank you for your info
  4. Scott1973

    02 mask

    What is the best mask in bag to use with oxygen
  5. Scott1973


    How is everybody using oxygen it is new to me and I just had my tank delivered thank God
  6. Scott1973

    After 3 1/2 years the Deamon is back...arrrgh

    After 18 years mine came back just started getting them three weeks ago haven't had one since 2001
  7. Has anyone ever you was more than two shots in a 24-hour. Each shot is 6 mg if so did anything happen to you
  8. Scott1973

    recommended doctor list

    I cant believe there isn't a Dr . In Pa
  9. Scott1973

    More than 12 mg Imitrex in 24 hours

    I haven't tried them yet was a little scared to use them wasn't sure if they were any good
  10. Scott1973

    More than 12 mg Imitrex in 24 hours

    Thanks for all the info I just started getting these again two weeks ago I am 48 years old I went 18 years since 2002 without one and out of the blue here they come again I've been suffering since I was 13 years old I have about 15 shots but I held onto from 2002 not sure if they're any good but I still have them I just could not get rid of them
  11. Scott1973

    C02 machine

    Can this c02 machine be used to treat CH it's called INVACARE PLATINUM XL but the regulator says 5 mil on the top that's as high as the oxygen go