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  1. Hello Friends!

    I am new to this forum and  a typical ECH.  Started about 9 years ago and on my 4th cycle.  Every cycle usually last about 6 weeks. Reading the posts here I consider myself lucky.  I finally  found a doctor that was willing to give my oxygen and it is a game changer. Before I took Sumatriptan but it stopped working for me. I get my attacks mostly  between midnight and 9am.  I  feel as if I wait too much with oxygen it is hard to abort the attack and at the same time I am afraid of just taking the oxygen before pain is really hard as lately the inensity of it is not horrific as it used to be.  In addition I have like an echo of the pain in my head constantly  it's like  parking there until it is ready to attack.  Does anyone know what cause the intensity of the attack?  

    Thank you!


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