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Busting questions and discussion are most likely to get a response on the private "Theory & Implementation" or "Share Your Busting Stories" boards, as only members have access to these, and many are hesitant to discuss busting in an open forum.


Busting Basics

“Busting” is using psychedelic substances (such as “magic mushrooms,” LSD, and certain kinds of seeds) to stop cluster headache cycles, reduce the pain and duration of attacks, and potentially prevent future cycles. Busting has benefited thousands, of people—often people who have received inadequate relief from conventional treatments. Some of the substances can be used at sub-hallucinogenic levels.


Busting is not for everyone. If you're considering busting as a treatment option, please start by reading this warning.  [https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/1434-3-warnings-read-this-first/

It is against the law to possess, grow, sell, buy, or consume most psychedelic substances in most places. Some seeds that are effective for treating cluster headaches can be lawfully purchased and possessed in many places, but it is unlawful to process those seeds into something meant to be consumed.


Below are seven core principles related to busting. They all have variations and qualifications associated with them—busting is not an exact science. Ask questions before you act!!

Busting can be effective for people who have chronic cluster headaches and people who have episodic cluster headaches. People with chronic CH often need “more” than people with episodic CH: higher doses to reach the threshold dose and perhaps more doses over time.

To discuss topics related to busting in the forum, please post in either “Theory and Implementation” or “Share Your Busting Stories.”

The Basic Busting Process

1. Take a psychedelic substance every five days until attacks are stopped. This is sometimes called “dosing.” Typically, it will take roughly three doses five days apart to stop attacks, but it could take more or it could take less.

2. The typical substances used are mushrooms containing psilocybin, LSD, or seeds that contain the ingredient LSA. All of those substances are typically effective at treating CH, but people may experience different results with different substances. 

     Mushrooms - https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/683-4-the-psilocybin-mushroom/

     LSA Seeds - https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/684-5-lsa-seeds-of-the-vine/

3. The basic idea is to take enough of the substance to effectively treat CH but make any “trip” experience as tolerable as possible. Some substances have less, or different, “trip” effects than others (seeds typically have virtually no trip associated with taking them), and people have different “trip” tolerances.

4. The right frame of mind is important for dosing. The issues in this regard are often referred to as Set and Setting.

5. No medication or other substance that might block the effectiveness of busting should be used for at least five days before any dose of psychedelics. The most typical “blocker” in this regard is triptans, such as Imitrex or Zomig, but there are others. Blockers are discussed in this file [https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/687-6-playing-well-together/ 

6. Dosing with psychedelics can cause what are called “slapbacks.” These are CH attacks that occur at different times than a person’s typical attacks, or are more severe, or both. Usually these occur on the first and second days after a dose. Not everyone gets them.

7. Many people bust to prevent future cycles (or a recurrence if they have chronic CH). That entails dosing at regular intervals when out of cycle. People use different dosing schedules for this, from once every couple of months to once every week or two; each person has to use trial and error to find the schedule that works best for them.

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