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  1. My husband has tried a variety of options with no success. Energy drinks, I have not heard of until now. I assume the caffeine content is reason. May have to research that option.
  2. My husband is an episodic cluster migraine sufferer. He has recently started a cycle of clusters after a two year hiatus. I am very proud of the way he handles his attacks. He just takes them as they come, and does not worry about the next attack until it occurs. He remains happy and carefree despite what he goes through everyday. These attacks have me a bit worried. He seems to have some short term memory loss and he seems to blackout or fall asleep during the peak of the attacks. I check him often. He breaths normally and pulse a bit faster because of the attack. I usually just watch him until he wakes on his own which is usually right after the pain subsides. This does not happen every attack, just the most intense. Has anyone else had this experience?
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