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  1. Yes indeed we realize the floating test only is an indicator, and not something to really rely on! Moreoever the way of doing the test can mislead someone, as you say 1EYEcries and Salander. Another very good indicator to test the seeds is to actually crush them. If they are empty, it means they are probabaly not very good. If they do have pulp inside, it means they are probably good. This is why the floaters test is nice, because if the seeds are empty, they will float! However, the best way to test these seeds is to actually use them! And we do test all our seeds that comes on stock
  2. NEWS APRIL 17th 2012 FRESH OLOLIUQUI + TWO NEW PRODUCTS ON STOCK! We are excited to announce that we just received a super fresh and high quality Ololiuqui seeds batch! - Rivea Corymbosa; Ololiuqui We were quite amazed to find only 5% of floaters in this outstanding new batch! We are still offering the 25% rebate for users of this forum! ENJOYÂ We are deeply happy to now offer these two new great herbs! - Leonotis Leonurus; Wild Dagga Flowers powder - Leonotis Leonurus; Wild Dagga Foliage powder Enjoy the spring! http://www.TrancePlants.net
  3. Hi all! Adam here from TrancePlants! I hope you are all doing great great great! Since 2011 we have been supplying RC seeds and HBWR to many people on this forum, and many used our 15% coupon code we offered for the forum. :-) Thanks so much to you all, and i must say that most of our customer were very pleased by the seeds and service we offer. We are genuine passionates of shamanic herbs and incenses and we love to offer the highest quality of service and plants! :-) That said, we heard a few customers on this forum were not 100% satisfied of our RC seeds, and so we decided to test
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