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  1. Pete M: My jaw seems to be more of a warning sign that things are going to happen headache wise. It is hard to tell how many separate headaches there are in a span, they all kinda mesh together and I haven't had very many headaches to get good conclusive data on that. They seemed to have remit, but I feel on edge, like if I drank a few drinks or did something counter productive for these headaches, I would kick a cycle off again. All in all I had a span of 5 days, with 1-3 headaches per day. The headaches would start with a tightening of the jaw. The pain during them doesn't feel like my ey
  2. CHFather I got imitrex in pill form. As far as trying an energy shot, next time I have one I will, but I've been in the clear the past 3 days so I haven't had a chance to try it out. Hurtsmyhead: I only just started getting them last week so I'm still trying to figure out the triggers. I usually take a 4-5hr nap on Wednesdays to switch to nights, so I will see how I am doing after that nap.
  3. Guess I'll get cozy. Went to a doc, he listened to my issues and said "yep sounds like clusters, take imitrex for the headache and tramadol for the pain." No CT scan, no MRI. But I guess his series of questions rules out brain bleeding? I dunno. Anyhoo I'm supposed to go back in a week if I still have them. I haven't had one since Sunday night, but Sunday night was bad, really really bad. I know I don't have to explain these to people here, but these headaches are new to me and these are new levels and types of pain I am not used too. It seemed to keep getting worse until Sunday nigh
  4. Got an appointment with a doctor tomorrow. Last night was also bad. My mom came over today to see how I was doing. She then told me that my grandma had "some sort of nerve issue behind her eye that was so bad doctors called them suicide headaches" Awesome. Now I know that my direct grandmother had them, and from what I've read there's some supporting evidence of them being hereditary. I guess I'll know more tomorrow.
  5. CHFather I'll give it a go. Energy shots have lots of niacin and taurine while coffee doesn't so you may be onto something. Pete, I'll try a headache calendar/journal as well. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Hey Pete. Yeah when I was reading up on cluster headaches, the term "most painful" was used so naturally I wanted to try to compare it to something I've had before that was absurdly painful. Pilonidal seemed like a good candidate. I've only been awoken from sleep with a headache once. (I'm only on day 5 of having symptoms so who knows I may have more) The headache attack definitely was what woke me up, it wasn't a bathroom break gone awry, it was going from peaceful slumber to stumbling around out of bed clutching my head wondering what the hell is happening. Thanks for your help
  7. Thanks again for taking the time to read what I have to say. A lot of it is just mental spew, with me trying to figure out what is going on. CHFather I have not. For some sneaky reason I think caffeine might be triggering them, or helping too. I haven't tried drinking caffeine during one yet. This could just be completely coincidence though. I could be just drinking coffee and then getting them, and the coffee had no impact. This might be an indication that I don't have them, which I'd be OK with. MG No head trauma to note. As much as I would love for these attacks to stop, I'm not too s
  8. I have looked into that condition MG a little, even before coming here. I show less signs of that being the case, my skin isn't extremely sensitive in that area like it is for those sufferers. My jaw aches but that is more like a warning sign something is about to happen in my entire left-head. The actual pain I feel is hard to place because it is so, just, ridiculous. Tonight was worse. I got to work at 7pm and I was having full blown attacks from then until about 1130pm. There were times I was sobbing. I mean... I'm a guy, and not just any guy, I'm like 6'3" and built like a football pla
  9. OK so I haven't actually cried from pain in over a decade. Until like 3 minutes ago. Anyone with this chronically, my heart seriously, seriously goes out too you.
  10. This is insane, frigging ridiculous. This hurts, I hate this. Pain level is like between a 5 or 6, kinda hard to focus, but it will seemingly randomly spike to a good solid 7 for a minute or 2, subsiding back. By solid 7, I mean head down on my desk, rocking back and forth, unable to really focus. I'm not deliriously, moaning in pain, but if you are talking to me, I'm not hearing what you are saying, mind starting to not work right. Wish I could take some time off right now.
  11. Well update: I slept all day today and I did not wake up in severe pain like I did yesterday at noon. So that was good. I woke up feeling great and refreshed, like I hadn't slept in a few days which was true. I felt pretty great for my 'morning' which was 4pm-630pm. Drank some coffee and drove to work. Jaw starts to ache about 1/2 way. Uh oh. Get to work. Log in, all that jazz, whole time my jaw is getting tighter and tighter. Left side of my head, top jaw, feels like where the bottom and top of my jaw hinges together, it feels like that area is reeeaaaly stiff and achy, getting more and
  12. I guess I'm not curious if they are the same thing. You said a sex headache triggered a cluster headache? Could you tell a definite difference between the 2 types of headaches? I just think it's interesting that psilocybin seems to be a non-conventional treatment for sex headaches as well, and when it happened it was basically thought stopping pain. I am curious if the 2 headaches are related.
  13. Thanks for the reply MoxieGirl. You said you have had sexual headaches? The kind that go from the base of your neck upwards and the just explode in sheer pain? Those almost damn near kill me, and if these cluster headaches are worse I really hope I don't have this. Could they be the same thing or like a similar conduit of pain? From what I've read about them, shrooming is also a very affective treatment. I suppose I shall find out if I have them today. This is day 4 now, in the AM. I am about to sleep for the day so I can work tonight. If I get woken up around noon again today with inten
  14. I have a couple questions for you guys I bolded if you don't mind... Sure, no official word from any doctor saying I have it, but after doing a lot of research on my current symptoms I find myself here... Damn my jaw feels so achy and tight. The left, and only left, side of my brain/face/head has been going in and out of super duper pain mode, rapidly. Like, pain mode pain mode, is this even real life pain mode. I feel out of my freaking skin too like my hands are tapping and my toes are clenching. Pacing back and forth seems to help calm my nerves. But I watch YouTube videos of peopl
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