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  1. I slept 7 hrs last night with no hits...only mild shadowing around 1:00am!!! Thank you CHfather and FunTimes - I took 10 mg of melatonin before bed and had also increased my Vit D3 based on suggestions from Batch. Trying to avoid Immitrex and am already on Verapamil but will wean off soon. I like the recliner idea as my sinuses are always affected. I haven't tried Benadryl yet only because I am seeing success with everything else I have thrown at it otherwise I'd be getting some today. Once again you are all life savers - I too have experienced the negative effects of all of the phar
  2. Yes, I am worried about that as well - the side effects of both Imitrex and Verapamil. I am interested in busting next...i'll be posting in the other board after this cycle if I have questions. As far as energy drinks go - i haven't really tried that. My attacks come at regular intervals at night...11:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 and sometimes 7:30....I am sensitive to caffeine normally so I worry I would be up all night and shift my attacks to the day! I don't usually get hit during the day (knock on wood). But I will keep that in mind and maybe get some in case the beast isn't done with me yet
  3. Hi - I am very happy to hear that you have tracked some injectable Imitrex in Canada - the Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist just told me it was discontinued this week London, Ontario. Can you please tell me where you found it? Thanks so much, Amy
  4. Good morning - CH sufferer here in London, Ontario and the pharmacist at Shoppers Drug Mart just looked up injectable Imitrex for me and similarly told me it was discontinued. Where do I go next???? Any suggestions? Thanks so much, Amy
  5. Wow - it is truly wonderful to hear from people who understand I just made notes in my fat file for next time - especially the Zomig and IR Verapamil. I totally agree about the "beast" - I call it my demon - something I need to deal with all by myself - a test of my strength. It always wins before the end of the cluster. I worry how I will copy when I am old and fragile. I couldn't imagine going through that pain with a weakened body. I really hope there is something better for us by then! As an update - I woke up at 4:30am today to avoid a repeat of the 4 hr beast I spent
  6. I too am confused about the Imitrex! Thanks for the explanation. My doctor "laughs" at me when I suggest anything from the "internet" that may help me. I have a lovely pharmacist who is more eager to help. I will keep looking for the vials for next time. I hope to be done this cycle soon. I will admit that injections seem a bit scary but I am willing to try anything now.
  7. I have been quietly lurking on these forums for over 20 years now. I haven't had to post because I usually found the answers to everything I needed. My CH occur every 24 months for 2-4 weeks since 1997. It took many misdiagnoses, incorrect medications, MRI, IV anti-inflammatory drips and trips to emerg before someone finally mentioned Cluster Headache. I consider myself a veteran now - when the beast appears, I get my Imitrex, Verapamil, Oxygen and lorazapam meds handy, inform my employer and let my supportive family know I am fighting the beast again for awhile and it takes everything ou
  8. Good Morning. I am a long time CH sufferer but consider myself lucky. I experience Clusters every 2 years for about 3 weeks. The time period shifts on my usually due to stress, I can only assume. I have been to a neurologist and have finally convinced my physician to prescribe Oxygen. I successfully use Oxygen and Immitrex to abort most of my clusters. Here is my question - 4 years ago, i used Verapamil (240mg - two pills a day) to successfully prevent my CH from occurring in the summer. But, two days after I weaned myself off of them (during Christmas break - a low stress time for me a
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