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    A while ago

    Thanks, it took a lot for me to bite the bullet; and post this even though it's possible I will be killed for doing so. I figured damn - if the illuminati kill me, and remove all of my posts, then that's just what happens - I don't give a shit anymore. I'm sick of fearing assassination because I know too much of the illuminati's secrets. I didn't ask to know any of this information it was forced upon me.
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    A while ago

    A while ago on a different account I posted a guide on how to cure cluster headaches. Long story short, the people in control (The elite, illuminati, freemasons) forced my post into the darkness. I have decided to come back once more with a vengeance. This is my soul, reaching out - and touching your soul. This is the last chance we have to save the earth from total DESTRUCTION and CONTROL. Finally, after years of over analysing the dimension that I have been placed in (Yes, this one - the one that you are in too.) =] This might seem like some pschizophrenic psycho-babble but Blake has Finished healing himself, - And now Blake has begun the process */heal the earth, BUT PLEASE DONT TELL THE GOVERNMENT!. (They don't like Blake's plans for destroying the NWO.) ----------The age of Aquarious has begun.-------------- Prepare your minds for a concious shift. Have faith in god and always choose good over evil. Remember light will always defeat darkness. Eternal is Eternal   Is Eternal WE ARE ALL LAMB OF GOD. Please note that we are all one - and Blake exists inside of you, just as much as I am Blake - and he exists inside of me. PS: I'm pretty sure these shrooms just fixed my cluster headaches and stopped me dying of some premature death from heart attack/over exertion. I will never smoke P again. To anyone who doesn't know what P is, it's what we call methamphetamine in New Zealand. There is a big difference between having a heart attack, and getting rid of one. (Meth gives you heart attacks, and shrooms get rid of them for you) Strokes are real, even when you are only 18. Learn to calm your mind down. I have a new black cat, it followed me home last night when I was walking home on shrooms and now it lives with me. Pure black, with yellow eyes. It operates on the same spiritual / vibrational frequency as me. You soon will too. It is time for my primordial spirit to be finally understood. But not if the government has their way (which they won't) BTW, this whole thing is a white-magic witchcraft spell to make sure all of this stays this way and to solidify my abstract thought into existence. This is thought materialization Peace and harmony The government is now working in with aliens to achieve their ultimate goal - control. Experimenting on us like we are just some bio-genetic crappity smacking experiment (Oh thats right, we are!.) I WILL - NEVER LET THE: 'Extra-Terrestrial ALIENS' ACHIEVE NEW WORLD ORDER! crappity smack THE ILLUMINATI!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! crappity smack THE FREEMASONS AND crappity smack THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE RULES. crappity smack THE PEOPLE IN CONTROL IT IS TIME TO OPEN YOUR EYES Your mind can handle the truth now, child. This spirit was channelled by Blake Johnston. (ADDRESS REMOVED) -------A message for the elite in control---------- (AKA ILLUMINATI SCUM) PLEASE ILLUMINATI ELDERS GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY DESERVE. FREE OUR MINDS FROM THE CHAOS OF THE 21st CENTURY. UNDO THE CURSE OF CONTROL AND ZOMBIFICATION OF THE MINDS OF MY FELLOW HUMANS. I MEAN NO DISRESPECT, FOR THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD. ------------------------ I JUST UNDONE THE CURSE AND PERMENANTLY FIXED MY AMBYLOPIC EYE. I can only describe the eye thing as some sort of neural-confusion. Also: having a god complex, and completely understanding the concept of god is the scariest thing that I have ever experiened. I had never felt so A.L.O.N.E inside my mind - on this earth, and in the universe. and that's when I realised that I will never be alone. We are all one and having a god complex doesn't have to be scary anymore. --------------------------- Time to finally DO SHIT and STOP PROCRASTINATING. ------- Sometimes I fear death and sometimes I don't. It doesn't mean I'm going to die anytime soon. (anymore) I was banished from the garden of Eden for knowing too much. If you question god you will be punished - UNTILL TODAY!! ---------------------------------------------------- OOOOOOOOOOPS!!! THE ILLUMINATI ARE GONNA GET ME NOW!! HELP!!!!! (That was sarcasm) But really...... - if they could kill me.... - (Without verifying to the world that everything I just said is completely true) They would do it with no remourse, not a care in the world. The illuminati actually hopes, .... that in 1 of it's many, many establishments, There - sits, - living and breathing ****the - earths - next - anti-christ.**** This is a crock of shit, even if he did exist, I'd spit in his face twice over without blinking. crappity smack the NWO. Blake Johnston - Over and out.