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  1. Thanks, it took a lot for me to bite the bullet; and post this even though it's possible I will be killed for doing so. I figured damn - if the illuminati kill me, and remove all of my posts, then that's just what happens - I don't give a shit anymore. I'm sick of fearing assassination because I know too much of the illuminati's secrets. I didn't ask to know any of this information it was forced upon me.
  2. A while ago on a different account I posted a guide on how to cure cluster headaches. Long story short, the people in control (The elite, illuminati, freemasons) forced my post into the darkness. I have decided to come back once more with a vengeance. This is my soul, reaching out - and touching your soul. This is the last chance we have to save the earth from total DESTRUCTION and CONTROL. Finally, after years of over analysing the dimension that I have been placed in (Yes, this one - the one that you are in too.) =] This might seem like some pschizophrenic psycho-babble b
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