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  1. Thanks Jon, I had called Lincare before and they said they only work with travel patients who are already established patients at one of their other locations. Unfortunately I am a patient with a different company (who doesn't have any NO subsidiary locations). Anyone know if you can just check O2 tanks into checked baggage? Kind of a pain in the ass, but without other options I could do it.
  2. Hey everyone -- I am just getting into a bad cycle, and unfortunately, have work travel to New Orleans from this Friday to next Thursday (Aug 9 - 16). Oxygen is my lifesaver, and I'm a little panicked trying to find an oxygen supply while I'm there. I'm hoping there is someone in the New Orleans area who could spare one M and one E tank for a week? Happy to pay, and I have my own regulator/masks/etc. I really just need an M tank for my hotel room and an E tank for on the go (so I have some nearby meetings if I start to get shadows). I don't want to put anyone out of oxygen that they need, but if someone has a spare I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks for reading, I'm really sort of desperate at this point.
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