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  1. Hello, I just recently joined this forum seeking any sort of help and advice. As with everyone here, I have tried and would try ANYTHING that may provide relief. I'd like to share my (possible) success. In the past I have tried several treatment options in the past and nothing has proved successful, but yesterday at the onset of an attack I took this combo: 1200 mcg melatonin, 10 mg rizatriptan, 800 mg ibuprofen and 200 mg of caffeine...the pain disappeared in a matter of minutes. The next attack I did the same and again it worked. It has worked for 4 attacks now and one of those was the worst kind that wake you from a dead sleep. Right now I feel like dancing in the street! Can someone else try this combo and see if it helps them as well? Thanks! my email is bobbypotsllc@comcast.net
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