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    Wine takes a lot of the "dirt" taste away. Jeannie
  2. I am seeing a HA specialist on Wednesday. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on some articles that I could print out and bring to show the doctor. I plan to tell him about my use of RC seeds and would like some documentation to back it up. Who knows, maybe he'll learn something new. Thanks, Jeannie
  3. Boo


    Hi Nani! How much Verap were you taking when you dosed? I'm on 360mg. Can I expect to stop this cycle with the seeds or should I just expect to have it controlled? I was thinking that I would dose again either tonight or tomorrow night and up my amount from 20 to 30 seeds. Thanks! Jeannie Brew, I have not talked to my Dr. about weaning off of the Verap. I am still getting my script from the Dr. that is acting as my primary care doc. I know more about it than he does. I know I really should get to a Neuro again.
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    Hey Brew! I have not detoxed from the Verapamil. Just can't do it yet. We'll see if I have any success even though I'm still on it! I'll tell you this.... The seeds sure did take care of one of the Verap's side effects! I was much more comfortable the day after I dosed....at least in one area! Thanks for the welcome Carl...Nice to see you! Boo
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    Hey guys! I'm so glad to have found you!  I have just recently tried RC seeds for the first time. I dosed Monday night and am anxious to see if I will have the results that I have read about. I'm very hopeful! Thank you! Boo ( Jeannie )