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  1. While I was ranting to my sister about my recent doctor appointment - she (dr.) practically laughed at me for asking for a prescription for O2, but suggested other drugs and wants me to see a neurologist. (already had a scan, my brain's fine) I came up with a question. These drugs that they say work for cluster headaches (lithium, prednisone, triptans, etc.) - who do they work for? They didn't work for me (was at the ER twice, big waste of time) and doesn't sound like they worked for anyone else around here either.
  2. Since we can't see a physical link, what about an emotional one? From what I read, the hypothalmus has something to do with CHs. My sister informed me that the hypothalmus is where our emotions come from (will be looking that up for more info.). Had a somewhat traumatic upbringing (who hasn't) and started NOT dealing with stuff around the time these attacks started. By that I mean, I started acting and talking like I handled all my previous trauma - saying "Oh it's no big deal, other people have had it a lot worse." I didn't want people to think I was feeling sorry for myself. A
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