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  1. I have also been in the special "hospitals" because of CH. I made a poem once about it. See their faces gather around Cut of the shackles that hold me down Looking at me with fear in their eyes Knowing that I'm empty inside I'm empty inside I'm empty inside And I want to die The pain of CH is able to make even so-called normal people suicidal. So glad to hear you are finally getting treated for this disease. Good Luck!
  2. I tend to say google "The most painful condition known to medical science." CH always seem to be on the first page of results. Now let that quote sink in for a minute. Good luck with CH. I also got diagnosed at the age of 18. '
  3. Brian


    Goodbye cruel world I'm leaving you today Goodbye all you people there's nothing you can say to make me change my mind GOODBYE WAIT NOOOOOOOOO Just take some LSD Brian..... ha ha  any news on medical LSD????
  4. LSD is my cure. pain free after 10 years of hell. I am not a drug dealer and I can't grow my own mushrooms. I can however buy LSD or mushrooms from the safety of my own home through a website. google silkroad.
  5. I have had cluster headaches for 10 years. I heard of this treatment and it works for me. The devil is kept at bay and my life is now pain free. LSD!!!! A highly illegal drug and very hard to get a hold of. google silkroad and you will find a way to purchase said LSD. You dont have to be tormented anymore. I cant recommend taking acid for anyone because of the psychological effects. However we all know the pain.Â
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