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  1. When I first tried shrooms things were alot different , for one the oxygen was working so it was fairly easy to detox. Another reason I say it's my last resort I have a family now , and a 3 year old daughter. If things were like they were back then I wouldn't bat an eye. As a matter of fact I have plenty in my freezer . It's just kind of a nervous experience for me and causes way to much anxiety. With that being said I'm coming of a 3 year run of pain free, I had forgot how bad it could get. So that tells me before now I was episodic , I just fear I've turned chronic as I'm now entering 5 months into this cycle. If I could just break this cycle so I could get back to myself again. Thanks Brandon
  2. Hi Jon, thanks for the response. As I'm still trying to decide my next moves, here is some extra info . As for the 02 I have a regulator that goes up to 25 lpm, a non re breather mask that I purchased from the cluster website. I take instant release verapamil 80mg 4 times a day =320mg. Immitrex is injectable , zomig nasal actually ramps it up . And I also took indomethacin for over a year previously. Even lidocaine nasal seems to ramp it up and make it worse. Thanks again for listening
  3. Thank all of you for the helpful advice, information, and definitely the encouragement. Their was a few things mentioned here today that I'll definitely check into. I have tried MM several times and seeds twice , that option is still on the table but would be my last resort.
  4. This current cycle is my worst to date. I've had clusters for 21 years now, but they seem to get worst with every cycle. This cycle has my worried , I'm totally dibilatated right now . I was on high amounts of steroids for 3 months with no response , immitrex has stopped working, nerve blocks work for about a day, DHE infusions didn't work , oxygen didn't help either. I'm currently take depakote and verapamil daily. I have attacks at times that last for 10-12 hours . This cycle is going on 5 months, and its about all I can take. Looking for any advice at all thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the responses and advice. In regards to Moxie and Vicodine s question , im am chronic . Ive been on d3 regimen for about a year and half. I started out with a 2 gram dose and gradually went up everytime, my last being 3 grams . The energy drinks and O2 work at times ,but not very often. I have to resort to the immitrex injections at times, works ok for a short period. What I mean by that is after a few days they turn to rebound and then a few days later the shot no longer works, actually makes it worse. I know that sounds crazy but some of my worst hits came that way. By the way I don't take any preventive meds so to speak. Tried several over the years no luck jus bad side effects. Almost forgot to add ive not tried LSD. I did when I was younger just not for medicinal purposes. But on the bright side ill be attending my first conference in Nashville next month. I hope to meet some of you guys there. Thanx again
  6. Was just wondering if anyone here has used the drug DHE 45 ? Ive tried about everything and every drug out there, but just discovered this option today. Ive also learned to not get hopes up with anything. Ive also busted 5 times over the last few weeks(mushrooms) with no luck. Currently I haven't taken any meds in while, just a lot of 02 every few hours.
  7. Thanx to all of you for the much needed advice. I forgot to mention ive been on d3 regimen for a little over a year now. I also use a non re breather mask at a 25 lpm rate, but in saying that I could stand to be a bit more strict with breathing strategy . As with energy drinks their was a time when they helped a lot but slowly faded away. Also my doc has performed 2 occipital nerve blocks on me . One of which seemed to work for around 10 days . Jus thinking outside the box could this be a harmful strategy to get my 5 days detox? That is provided the O2 dosent help. But ive really gotten lazy on my breathing srtatagy lately and just lost confidence in it. I hope this is all that im doin wrong it just helps to hear it from someone else to bring it to light. But alright folks im loaded up with a big arsenal of info , O2, caffeine , and oh yeah golden caps so im ready for battle! Once again you guys have been a big help thanx to all. And feel free to keep the advice coming believe me I could use it.
  8. So just a brief description , had CH s for a number of years now. Around 5 years ago they went to a new level, more freq and more painful. Then around 2 yrs ago I went chronic. Other than what few breaks ive got from prednisone, had attacks daily for about a year. Oxygen has stopped working as well, immitrex dosent always work either. In saying all this im sick and tired of being sick and tired. Ive done my homework, went out and collected a large supply of cubensis. Ready to give this a shot , busted with seeds before no success. Currently tapering off prednisone now , no immitrex now for 10 days , and no other meds at all. Only problem is im feeling really strong shadows already still on pred. Im worried ill never get 5 good days of detox without getting hammered. I can get 5 days detox on everything but the pred. Should I go ahead and try to bust anyway if I cant quiet make it to 5 days. Im stocked up on oxygen and willing to suck it all up , its just lately ive had no luck with oxygen. Anyways im sitting on go with big dose of vit M , just looking for some advice. Thanx again and all is appreciated
  9. I have recently noticed alot of you having some luck with D3 and melatonin. My question is how much daily? Ive noticed some say 10,000 IU of D3. Is that amount daily a safe amount. As far as the melatonin , ive not come across a common dosage. In saying all of this , i have been taking both for about 6 weeks. 8 to 10,000 IUs of D3 daily and 20mgs of melatonin. Curious as to what you all recommend, i would like to hear some thoughts on this. Being that ive never had much luck with anything i think im actually getting results from this. Knock on wood! Any and All advice would gladly be accepted. This website has been a lifesaver. Thanx you guys!
  10. Earlier today i tried busting for the first time. ive chosen to go with RC seeds. a lil nervous about what to expect, i only used 15 seeds. Float tested,ground, and soaked for 2 hrs. Well now its 8 hrs later their was no euphoric feelings at all. and still having shaddows. Concerned that i may not have used a strong enough dose. Im thinking now i should try again tommorow with 30 seeds. if anyone has any advice or info on this please reply. All and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx
  11. i also would like to thank CHfather for the helpful advice.
  12. i recently found this website in need of answers. i posted a topic please help newbie. i received a very generous response from dan. since then ive ordered and received RC seeds. ive completed my detox from all meds and staying close to the O2 tank. but today is the day ive waited for. hopeful this is my saving grace. thanks dan. ill will reveal my results asap.
  13. Thanks for the sites. I will be ordering the seeds today. I do have oxygen and have taken D3. I take the oxygen while at home and the imitrix while not at home. It takes much longer to get any effect off the oxygen. I recently bought ginkgo, have you had any luck with this herb?
  14. Thanks Dan. I live in Alabama, and I was hoping to find some already dried or frozen while I begin growing mine since I am in the middle of a cycle. I will def. watch the clips on youtube. Thanks again.
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