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    n00b. Where do I start?

    Jeez guys, i keep getting that question and Hell, I can't remember. that was at least 5 years ago. It was insanely high, I was involved with CH.com at the time and knew the rates and the mask type. At the moment I'm getting by. I'm into my 3rd week and in truth, this cycle isn't as powerful as some(most) I have been though. Whether or not that is due to the fact that for once I am not medicating it AT ALL i don't know. I came back to the boards and now joined this one to see if anything new had popped up on the horizon during my remission. The only thing new I have seen is taurine. I'm giving that a go and it did bring a hit up short yesterday afternoon. Whether or not it was the reason that for the first night in a week and a half that I slept through the night, again, I don't know. I'll give it a few days and see what happens. For now I am here to read and learn. and yes, I know all about O2
  2. cakelady

    n00b. Where do I start?

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Thanks Denny for the point in the next direction. There won't be much of an issue with detox. the only thing I have taken since the cycle began is melatonin and since that's not working I'm off it now too. I have gutted through the pain with these thing so many times in the past that, sad as it sounds, I'm kind of used to it. Not saying that it makes me happy, just that I know that I can do it. I started getting them at 13 and wasn't diagnosed until 21. Didn't find a Doc that knew what the hell he was doing for many years after that. O2. When i first started using it it worked OK. The last time I used it wasn't as successful. It never actually aborted a headache, just made them a bit more bearable. So why bother. Like everyone else here, I have tried damn near everything. I guess this is what's left. Just hoping and praying that when this cycle is over I get blessed with another long remission.
  3. cakelady

    n00b. Where do I start?

    Where do I start? Had these things for 38 years. Just can't deal with the meds anymore. i have been aware of busters for years from CH.com but am just now ready to give busting a try. Someone please, point me in a direction