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  1. does anyone else have a neurologist who thinks CH is caused by smoking cigarettes?...he says to me ...u want the government to pay for your oxygen after u smoke all your life>>>>>>>>>grrrrrrrrrrrrrr....he told me i dont need an mri either im a clusterhead and that was that... from a HEADACHE specialist wtf
  2. We’ve long known about the connection between sleep disorders and cluster. But typical medication for sleep has not been the miracle solution for cluster. But sodium oxybate may be the exception to the rule. Sodium oxybate is a type of drug known as a central nervous system depressant. It’s used to help prevent daytime sleepiness in patients with narcolepsy (a sleep disorder – read about narcolepsy here). Though we don’t know exactly how it works, it does help with sleep patterns. The four patients in this long term study responded very well to the drug – their cluster attacks during the night drastically decreased and were less intense when they came. Obviously, patients also slept better! The results are very positive, and there’s great hope that this will help many other cluster patients. Though the study was small, it must be remembered that this is a rare condition and, again, the results were very promising in all four patients. Be sure to talk to your doctor about this option, and only get the drug from recognized sources, where it is pure and properly labelled
  3. thanks for clearing that up....sorry all..i thought i had the right stuff but i guess not...ok i give in ...i guess i better find shome srooms or lsd and start my highschool days again lol
  4. I have not had an attack in 16 months and counting...My doc gave me bromocriptine no problem to use as a preventative I thought it would be difficult to get as people on clusterbusters seem to have a problem getting it... it is basically LSD without the hallucinations...I am going to dose for the first time with bromo and HOPE this is the answer and never get another attack...if u have a problem getting bromocriptine., but want to try it i will tell you how i got it perscribed!!!!!! HOPE FREINDS!!!! I saw a post on clusterbusters about a guy who claimed to be cured from cluster after being diagnosed and treated for prolactinoma or a pituitary adenoma... a small brain tumar that secretes prolactin and other hormones i had to look into it....the treatment for prolactinoma is BROMOCRIPTINE a derivative of LSD extremely close in chemical structure ..COINCIDENCE??? cluster headache has been a documented SYMPTOM of prolactinoma ....I talked to my family doc he agreed that it is a possibility...i then told him how effective lsd and shrooms have been for other sufferers and that i would like to try bromocriptine and said OK lets try it!!!!!! there was also a report that documents an ALARMING rate of suicide present with prolactinoma sufferers....Coincidence?????????.. To clear things up i have not been cured YET the 16 months painfree is due to prolonged cycles....im overdue for another 4 months of HELL....so im really hoping this works ill keep yall posted... i still cant get an MRI..but i got me some bromo...wishing pain free days for all!!!!!!
  5. canuck

    Back Pain

    no problem gartozi.... for me cymbalta works wonders when my doc said that i thought he was joking but its changed my world
  6. canuck

    Back Pain

    If U are a CHr and have Back Pain that feels like someone is constantly knuckling your spine...with pain extrudes to shoulder neck arm ? You may have fibromyalgia as well as CH,,,a Diagnosis will Change your life ... Meds work great for me!!!
  7. canuck


    Thanks davidj...it is great to get some long time questions answered
  8. Thanks CH father.....I really appreciate your support...You are correct in assuming i am out of cycle....i will gather an arsenal....Can i get the RC seeds at a health store? will this stop my whole cycle? How do i covert into active ingredient... i will try energy drinks too....I only have been takeing melitonin and magnesium casually on occasion ....
  9. I just checked out the vit D3 regimen...I would be interested in doing it....how much will it cost for all those supplements?
  10. Im glad u have a great family and are able to keep your stress down.....Im trying to do the same ..its hard when i seem completely normal to other people most of the time...and people including my friends and family have certain expectations for my life....and was ridiculed for quitting my last job and taking time to unwind...is it foolish for me to think that others can really understand?
  11. D3 I will check it out for sure and anything any of you suggest ...I hope that mush lsd will stop my next cycle...just gotta find some///is that called busting?
  12. If it were 10 hours for me i would go and sleep in my car if not in a CH cycle but its more like 40 hours for me lol Hope u get to go.... stress is a killer EH Did u start off Episodic CH ?
  13. canuck


    Does gammacore pay u to take part in trials??????and do they really expext a ch sufferer to WILLINGLY let an attack go untreated?
  14. I would love to go to the conference but i am dead broke...I wanted to go last year too...i have lost job after job and my employers wont give me references because i missed to many days of work with ch ankle and fibro to say that life has been a struggle is a huge understatement....where is the conference this year?
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