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  1. Hey Big J... in my experience, insurance companies are much more focused on "units" (not MGs) allowed per month. Try to get a script for the 6mg (.5ml) auto-injectors and see if your insurance will allow 10 cartridges/month (giving you twice the total MGs of sumatriptan). Or, just get the vials... waaaay better.
  2. Hi All, This cycle, I was finally able to get my doc to prescribe Imitrex in vials. It is much simpler and a lot cleaner compared to taking apart and "splitting" the cartridge injectors. Additionally, I find that .2ml is perfectly sufficient to abort most attacks under Kip8. And while the vials are labeled as .5ml, I'm able to get three separate .2ml injections from each vial. 1ml "insulin" syringes with thin 33-gauge needles work great. Don't let your doc or pharmacist try to convince you that you need a larger gauge for "draw up." It took some persistence to get p
  3. Hi Dima. 1. For me, stress has always been huge trigger (finals, 30 years ago, in college; birth of kids; job transitions; etc.). 2. Most folks do get hit most often at night I find that, early in a cycle, there's not much pattern; but over time the evening becomes a ritual (up at 11; 12:30; 2; 3:30;5;give up and make coffee). 3. I can't overstate how important oxygen is. I tried it multiple times over many cycles (and multiple years) before I figured out how to do it successfully. Search the forum and find the right regulator (15 lpm minimum), non-rebreather mask, and
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