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    Thank all of you for your help and support. I do have a question about the seeds. I drive for a living and have to take drug test. I don't do drugs, so will the seeds show up on a test? Thanks again for all of the support.
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    I have been having these headaches for about 18 years. I have been to many doctors and done many tests and i keep getting the same answer. They say nothing is wrong with me. I thought after these last few weeks I was going crazy. Its such a relief to know that I'm not the only person with these symptoms. These headaches have brought me to my hands and knees begging the big man to please make it stop. I cant thank everyone enough for this site. Does anyone know of anything I can take that's over the counter that at least curbs it so I can get some sleep. There is also one thing that I have that I have not seen in any topics. My scalp continues to tingle hours or even days after the attacks. Does anyone else have this? Thank you all so much Chad
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