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  1. On 8/30/2018 at 4:11 PM, rowdy730998 said:

    Thanks for your input everyone. I have been unable to get the industrial or AirGas types to sell to me. It may be a California thing. Do you know what supplier did $10 tanks around the country? I have paid from $10 to $25 and would really welcome a national supply that would make travel more comfortable.

    What was Airgas' reasoning for not selling to you?

  2. Slightly my opinion here. . .when the interested parties failed to get orphan drug status or achieve financial backing from a major pharma player, that's basically where it ended. A brominated LSD molecule would be an almost impossible sell to the FDA (and most other nations' policy-makers as well) without very, very deep pockets to ram it through clinical trials.

    Yea, when I did a search, I came across their Indiegogo campaign which only raised around $2000.  No bueno.

  3. Just wondering, do you know if it worked better for CH to eat or smoke it? (I quit smoking over a year ago but everything smoking-like makes me crave a cigarette like mad still)

    Well, what prompted my post was someone in a cluster headache facebook group saying that consuming an edible before bedtime has greatly reduced her nighttime hits.  She uses Indica-based edibles but I remember reading somewhere that Sativas were more effective in treating clusters while Indicas were more likely to be a trigger.

  4. First time this has ever happened to me.  I usually make a tea with Vitamin M but this time I wanted to just try eating the dose with nothing added.  I laid down on the couch with the lights on to watch some TV and I think about a half an hour in, I fell asleep.  Opened my eyes about an hour later all discombobulated and it felt like I woke up in a video game world. Pretty interesting experience to say the least.

  5. There's another thread on the board regarding the occurence of vivid dreams by another sufferer as a precurser to an approaching cycle.......I've never been aware of it before, but I have been having quite a few dreams the past few weeks and some of em were real vivid (jumped clean out of the bed last week gettin away from a BIG assed snake and landed knees first on hardwood.....woke my wife up and she was afraid I wasn't gonna be able to get up..lol)

    Along with you, I sense that I am in fact at the beginning of a cycle and the beast has just morphed one more time.

    Dallas Denny

    I start having vivid dreams when I'm about to start a cycle.

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