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  1. Thanks so much for the positive comments. Hipshot- so sorry to hear your struggling again!! I know what you mean by acting normal again, doing all those normal things most people do again! Funny though, I never forget it, it's like it is always in the back of my brain....you always look over your shoulder, afraid it might pop in for a visit. I rode my mountain bike again tonite (great ride, beautiful weather) after my ride had a few twinges in my left eye, think it was nothing, but it can really scare you. I almost stopped at the convenient store to buy a red bull to chug real quick and realized I was overreacting.... Never ever ever leaves your mind......just reconfirms the pain it brings.... Best of wishes to everyone!
  2. I wanted to update everyone again on my success and thank everyone that makes this site what it is! Before during my cycles I would just deal with the pain for 3-4 months. I have not had a cluster since busting almost a month ago! I am still shadow free and feel like I do when not in cycle. I have been able to drink alcohol and exercise (2 major triggers for me). I hate to brag about my success when others may still be suffering but I hope others can benefit from my story! After 20 years of dealing with CH I feel I have finally won one of the battles!!!
  3. You got that right Bonkers. Just like magic!!! Got my life back, poof, just like that. Veggies - Hoping for the best for you, sounds like your headed in the right direction!
  4. Just wanted to update everyone on my progress. I think I can offically call this cycle busted! I dosed 9 days ago and have not had a hit since dosing! I know that most on here have hits a day or 2 after dosing but I have not had anything. I have also not had any shadows in about 5 days. I did not dose again this past weekend as I just felt so clear. This was my first time busting and I only did it one time, still hard for me to believe!!! Anyway, I have exercised about 5 times with not a touch of pain and even had alcohol twice this weekend as a test with no pain. Thanks for everyones help!!! This had been such a blessing!!!
  5. tingeling- When I am out of cycle I can exercise at a moderate to stenuous level for 3-4 hours if I want without feeling one twinge of pain. If I am in cycle 40 minutes and I am in a full blown attack, it is always a guaranteed trigger for me in cycle no matter what I do. I biked again last night and did well, still taking 2 plain aspirin right before I go just in case (thinks its more a mental thing than anything, I get so paranoid about getting one). Alleypoop- Your right, there are so many levels to this disorder. I definetely think hormones play a part also as I have always followed hormonal patterns and cycles such as puberty, childbirth, scared to death what might happen to me during menopause, then again maybe that will be the kicker to get rid of him! Strange booger he is, maybe he uses different ways into your body to get the best of you, stress, hormones, exertion, a beer....
  6. alleyoop - I guess my next question to you would be how quickly with the beast get resistant to busting? Or, could it possible be a new type of attack that actually resets your head instead of just killing symptoms? Kind of like the new treatments for cancer ...new treatments go to cut off the blood supply to the cancer and the tumor die from no nourishment instead of the old standby chemotherapy that kills the tumor, sometimes makes it stronger and more resistant next time around. Then it reoccurs and is even harder to beat. Sorry for the chemo lesson...just a thought...
  7. This isn't fair- Thank you! Are you getting anymore relief? I am by no means an expert on this at all as this is my first time trying it as well, but how many times do others recommend trying one method before moving on to seeds or something else? I did start out with the heavy duty stuff, not by choice, just that the opportunity arised and I was anxious to get the monster out of my head! I can see where it is very frustrating to be wanting the busting to work and still having hours of pain after. I consider myself very lucky with my results and wonder if maybe I am not the norm. The only thing I can figure is that I have had CH's for 20 years and did not know until about 4 years ago what they were when I finally went to the neuro. I never got near as many as some do on these boards with an average of 1 a day for 3 months out of the year and then a 2 two year break. I never took any meds for them for years except the typical nsaids which did not work anyway. I did not get Imitrex until my cycle before this one and have used it very sparingly. I guess what I am thinking is that maybe the fact that I have not thrown much at my beast through the years maybe that is why I have been successful with busting (so it seems, don't want to jinx myself). I wish you luck with the busting. This pain we get in our head is tremendous! It is something that is not easy to understand to non clusterheads. Hoping painfree days are in your near future!!!
  8. Thank you all for all the positive and funny remarks. Hipshot- colemonster is a nickname we gave my oldest son. A name I use from time to time. Kaboom- You are right, I walk around with this sick grin on my face and want to shout to the world how I took care of my own problem with the help of other sufferers. Of course, I can't do that as I would put myself and family at risk of all kinds of backlash! It is still amazing to me how things can be looked at as such a terrible, life wrecking subtrance can bring such peace to many of us! Just shows that all things that seem bad and taboo are not always the case and good can come from things when treating it with respect. Anyway, just an update, not a shadow in 2 days. Rode my bike for an hour last night, had the strongest legs ever (think I finally got that nasty Verapamil out of my system!) Happy as can be right now!!!
  9. I think I am going to bust again Friday. I have felt amazingly great since busting last saturday. A few shadows here and there but nothing of any significance. I have had a dull headache and stiff neck (I hardly every get a normal headache). Hoping that is the beast drifting away from me! Also, I am such a virgin to this type of thing, never experimented with anything other than alcohol in my younger days. Have to say the busting was a very nice experience. Much nicer than the Verapamil, and I felt like I was doing less damage to my body with the busting. Sorry, just rambling on. As many has stated on these boards, non clusterheads don't really understand any of this. Feels good to get some things out. Nobody really understands what a relief and the excitement we get when we have a few days with no pain or fear of pain. Taking off to the trails to mtn bike! Wish me luck!!! This will be the second exercise test this week, hope it goes as well as the first test on Monday. This is always a telltale sign of in cycle or out of cycle! I always get a monster of a CH after exercise!!!
  10. alleyoop- I busted this past saturday. I was planning on busting again this friday this time with rc seeds. I have not had any hits post busting just a few slight shadows. I feel almost normal. Do you think this weekend is too soon? I have became so excited about ending it early that I guess I am just wanting to bang it outta here fast!
  11. Hi, first I wanted to introduce myself. I began getting CH at 14 years old and would get one everyday at school right after lunch, within an hour it was over, never told anyone just delt with it. I then had them every 2 years or so after that. I tend to get hit late summer and the cycle lasts until Dec. I did not have them while I was pregnant with both of my children but had terrible cycles right after delivery. I am very active. Exercise always brings on a monster when in cycle. I trained for a marathon in 2001 during a cycle and it was incredibly difficult. I also can not drink any alcohol while in cycle, instant headache. My pain is always around my left eye, lasts about an hour if not treated with Imitrex. Sorry to be so long winded, trying to give you the short version! Anyways I went to a neurologist 4 years ago and was officially diagnosed. I was lucky not to go back in cycle since then, thought I had beat it! Of course, that is not ever the case. The beast came back mid Sept and has been a very bad cycle. I have been treating myself the last few weeks as I work in healthcare and hate the Dr. business. I put myself on welding O2, have had great success! I also started the Verapamil the neuro gave me 4 years ago. Took it for 1 week, made me feel terrible, low BP as my BP is low anyway, very low pulse. Stopped the Verapamil and busted with the strong stuff this weekend (if you catch my drift). Anyways heres my question....I have felt so clear since busting. Amazing clear! A few shadows here and there but nothing much. I even exercised yesterday and had no h/a which never happens unless I am out of cycle. Do you think it is possible that I have killed the cycle with just one dose? Should I dose again a week from now just to make sure and get rid of the shadows? I am really amazed at how easy this seems to have been. Could it be possible that I have aborted a whole cycle? One dose of Imitrex makes me feel way worse than this did! Thanks for your help in advance!
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