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  1. charl, I am currently also seeing some success with Lithium. I'm on anywhere from 600-900mg per day. What caused me to pause was the fact you are 70. I was always lead to believe that clusters were something that, generally men, started seeing in their 20's and usually lasted until their 50's. Maybe this was just something that my neurologist told me to get me off the ledge, but I always had that thought that maybe in a dozen or so years (I'm turning 40 this year), I'd be done. So 2 questions to the community 1) Has anyone see their clusters disappear at a certain point in their lives. I mean really disappear. Through regular maintenance dosages of both mushrooms and psilocetin, I almost went 18 months without one. The longest I had gone in the previous 10 years was probably 3-4 months. 2) I'm guessing that busting with lsd or mushrooms is not a great idea when taking Lithium? Anyone have any experiences, good or bad? I mean the Lithium seems to work, and doesn't really give me any negative side effects, but when reading about it, sounds like a nasty drug at times. Thanks and, as always, appreciate everyone on these boards
  2. Well, after months of waiting I finally got in to see a neurologist. I was officially diagnosed with cluster headaches, which was a minor relief as at least now it's been confirmed. He discussed many different treatment options, but decided to put me on Prednisone. I'm doing 60mg/day for 6 days, 40mg/day for 2 days, and 20mg/day for 2 days. I'm on day 3 and am a complete zombie. I feel like I've been on a coke bender as I haven't slept barely at all the past 2 nights. I took an Ambien last night that got me down for about 2 hours and up at 1am for the rest of the night. Anyone else have any experience with Prednisone? I haven't had a cluster the past 2 days which is a plus, but I'm on the fence as to whether this may be a good option or not since I'm definitely not myself at all right now. Thanks!
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