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    Close minded Doctors

    I've got a 15 lpm and a standard non breather. I found 2 headache centers here in Louisiana, going to call n the morning and go from there. I just hope they don't cost a arm and a leg, got laid off from work due to cut backs- but if I got to, I'm gonna hit the street corner and sell my body, my fiance is gonna be my she-pimp. There's gotta be some older, lonely ladies who need a male trick (just playing). My Doc is a older guy whose about to retire in 2 weeks. When the BEAST started I was sent to a neurologist, they had me hooked up to a machine, I watched a screen displaying various colors, shapes, etc. I was told I had 4 lesions on my brain but they were benign. That's when I was told I had CH's, before that I had NEVER even heard of a CH. I was put on prednisone, indometh, oxygen and oxycodone. As I said before, after about 3 years, I was tired of being doped up so I quit cold turkey and was soooo glad and shocked that the BEAST was gone. I thought it was over... cut to a year later, seems like the BEAST got home sick and hell, has it been making up for lost time. Thank you all for taking the time and letting me vent, I don't mean to sound like a sissy, but it means alot that this site and you folks understand. This is the 1st time I can talk to people who know what I'm going through and know what it's like.

    Close minded Doctors

    Hey Folks, Last night was terrible, I was hitting the oxygen like there was no tomorrow, indomethacin, vit d, 5 hour energy shot... nothing was helping, I tried to convince my fiance to hit the left side of my head with a hammer, instead of that she forced me to go to the ER-- the ER Doc did another scan, gave me some more oxygen and a shot of morphine, the morphine didn't really help, just made me really sleepy which I was happy for that. Today I went to my Doc, he wanted to prescribe me oxycodone, I told him NO, which shocked him as most peolple go to him to get PAIN KILLERS to just get high. I explained to him they don't work, only thing they do is constipate me and mess my stomach up. I decided to try and talk to him about the "Busting" method... That did not go well, he told me, "I've never heard of such nonsense". I was hoping he would be open minded, figured he would know I'm not seeking a "high" as I turned down the oxycodone. He ended up prescribing me esgic-plus. Sorry 4 the long post, just wanted to vent to people who know how FUBAR clusters are, most people around me don't understand and try to compare them to migraines, Migraines do not make want to dig my eyeball out and jam a fork in the socket. It just seems the Docs, when they hear the word pain, they just wanna shove pain killers down my throat and call it a day. The few people I've tried to talk to about "Busting" just look down on me and think I'm trying to get a high, but hell, I don't even drink liquor. I just feel lost and alone most of the time. Once again, sorry 4 the long post, just venting to people who understand.

    1st time "Busting"

    I've been reading alot of info on this site and wow, really and as far as medicines my docs have tried them all- I've even had teeth pulled- I'm sick of indomethacin- Anyhoo, after reading here about "busting", I thought I would try it with MG seeds, as that is all I can get my hands on around here (Louisiana). Long story short, I was shocked, 2 days with a shadow here and there, no major attacks until right now. I'm doing more research into diff. seeds and growing mushies. Without this site and the people, I would have NEVER known about "Busting" as a means to help.
  4. Hi, About 4 years ago I started having a headache behind my left eye, the pain gets so bad I want to dig my eye ball out with a fork and scrape behind it- after seeing a doctor and several mri's, many strange test, 3 years ago my doctor told me I have cluster headaches. I was put on oxycodone, after about 2 years of taking those, I quit cold turkey- and to my shock, I had no more clusters... until 2 months ago, the cluster has come back with a furry. That's my story, and I am really glad I found this site, it's nice to find people, sadly, that have these headaches because alot of people don't understand the pain of a cluster.