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  1. thanks for the tip Jeebs! will definitely remember that and start it in august
  2. ill tell you what CHFather, ill teach you some dutch then! since you guys are teaching me! any word in dutch you want to know, ill translate it for you lets start with these ones: Dank jullie wel, allemaal! voor deze geweldige website en gemeenschap, ik wens jullie al het beste toe voor de komende tijd, samen slepen we er ons doorheen! Translation: I thank you all, for this amazing website and warm community, wishing everyone the strength to keep fighting for the days to come, together we will drag ourselves trough this! thanks for the additional info CHFather! the shrooms i tried were just a first experiment really. i am going to try taking them again when my cluster starts, around september, and see where it takes me. i did notice some posts on the forum about this, so ill give them a read, as i do not wish to put my girlfriend, or myself into trouble. anyway, thank you for all the info at this hour!
  3. thanks for the info so far! what a coincedence CHfather! so i could easily speak dutch to you too then? you guys make me feel welcome already! the reason why i never really tried o2 yet, is because i heard it will make the attack come back quite quickly, like in a matter of hours? i know anything is better then unrelenting attacks for hours, so maybe i should look into it. as to the shrooms, i did manage to squeeze out about 12 hours without an injection, before i tried about 6 grams of dried stuff, god.. that taste, haha anyway, nothing really happened, i was just sitting there, waiting, for nothing. it did give me a painfree weekend though, so it did work , but monday morning at work, the beast was back again, and had to use another shot. tried another 5 grams about a week later, again with about 12 hours after my last injection. this time i was less fortunate, as it gave me 3 attacks at night already on saturday, and sunday i had such painful shadows that i would just call them a low level attack that lasted all day. the monday was painfree again though. as you see, the effect are kind of different with every use of it. it certainly does SOMETHING...
  4. Greetings fellow survivors, im matt, 27 and currently living in the netherlands. have been episodic CH patient since i was about 12. over the years it has grown to about a 6 month cluster, and a 6 month break. usually starting round september, right trough the holiday season, and ending around februari and march. as many of you, have tried quite a bit of things, even the shrooms, wich are legal to buy here. ofcourse if they actually worked, it would be even better! so far only my injections work, allthough i have to admit i havent tried oxygen yet. i get about 3 attacks a day, pretty much everyday, for 6 months, at least one at night, and one in the morning. later this year i am planning on migrating to the US, to live with the love of my life, who just got a great job in Minnesota. im pretty excited about it all, but i am also nervous, as i am not sure how i will cope with my CH. i heard some pretty bad stories from you all (reading this forum for the last 5 years or so) about only getting a few injections a month, and stories of not being helped or supported by any healthcare facility or insurance company. i was wondering if you guys had any tips, and information about how the healthcare system works in a nutshell, what to expect, and what not to expect. whilst im here, i can sure stock up on injections, but those will only get me trough maybe a few months. after that, im all out. still reading my rant? great! basically my question is, how do you guys in the US cope with your CH's, while it seems that the entire healthcare system just wants to ignore us, or make us pay heavily (financially) for a condition we never asked for. thanks for any replies, and warm painfree wishes, from matthijs.
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