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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Have now come off these tabs as the side effects were horrible. Not good. Top up the verapamil I think. Thanx all.
  2. Can't wait for that. Along with a buggered back and clusterheadachesbid say I've got some good luck comin . Thanks for the info pal.
  3. For what reasons please. Side effects or waste of time, as everyone seems to react differently. Thank you.
  4. Just seen my neurolagist. He has prescribed me dexamethasone 2mg, 1 twice a day for 10 days. anyone know about this as WWW says its potent crap. Thanks to all here who gave their advice as it really helped me thru a difficult time. Having less jabs since having o2 but the o2 is up and down. Thanks again your saints
  5. Anymore names for tunes for the fusterclucks ill let ya know.
  6. Hi all. After drinking the root in water I had more attacks at more intervals. Wtf is goin on.
  7. It's root not twigs. Cut one up with boiling water half a cup and drunk it. Tastes like shit. May be better off with the tincture me thinks. All new to me I'm afraid. Gotta go as I need a Triptan jab. Fuckin cluster headaches, wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy... hang about yes I would, there the enemy.
  8. What is k2 k this and k that. I need to know all abbreviations as I will make up my own for my own humorous entertainment.brought some licorice twigs.will cut up and put in boiling water for arf hour. Any recipes for administering to make easier because I am a virgin to this and need my proverbial cherry broken. Shop didn't have a clue about tv seeds.
  9. Thank you all so much for your time and knowledge. Am goin out today to kick some Dr arse. Not gonna budge from his office until he has prescribed me with o2 let alone suggested it. My neurolagist has told me to get it thru my local Dr who last time I asked said it was down to funding. Fuck that ill pay myself. Gonna look into dc seeds and licorice see if that helps. My chat seem to start end of Feb and last about 2-3 months. Oh and I'm a pro driver which is lots of fun during attack andafter a jab. My we are a lucky bunch aren't we. Thanks all ava good week.
  10. Had ch now about 9 years now. Has been stated by Dr Paul jarman a neurolagistar great ormond street hospital London as severe ch. Am injecting sumatriptan and taking 120-160mg of Verapamil. Am having 3-5 attacks a day. Jab takes 20 mins to work. Can't seem to get o2 prescribed here unless my Dr is a tight arse. Weed is weird one as sometimes I think it could trigger an episode. Who knows, all I know is that the pain is ridiculous and that the java make me feel poo. The pain intensifies 2-3 fold after jab then slowly goes.
  11. New to the site. Hoping there is some alternative meds as I'm getting fed up with dead legs. Triptan helps. Verapamil is a placebo and waste of time. Tried smoking weed with mixed effects. What can I do as can't seem to get o2 prescribed or am I missing a trick. All the best. Davy
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