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  1. I've had good luck and back luck with the ER I go to near Seattle. I've gotten pulled in on priority and put on O2 and then another time I was pulled in quick and they at least came around and gave me 2 1mg shots (If I remember correctly) of demerol which did take care of it (K7 or so). I'm on my 22nd year of CH and JUST now learning about oxygen so I'm pretty excited. I should be getting my rig next week. I think I've gone through ~20 episodes now. O2 is WAYYYY better than demerol. Demerol helps it but then you're gumbi for hours and hours. Plus about 90% of the time I throw up on the way out of the hospital on my way home. My wife can attest to all snacks I've left behind in the trash cans and in the shrubs along the route home.