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  1. Darci

    Vitamin D???

    Thanks MG. The pill the Dr gave me was Vit D2 1.25 MG(50,000 unit). I'm going to the market today to get everything I need to start the D3 regimen. Feeling hopeful!!
  2. Darci

    Vitamin D???

    Thanks BeJeeber. I was curious about the D2/D3 and then as an afterthought was "oh yeah I'm also on pred". lol This dose of the prednisone is a lot lower than previous ones I've been on and a lot shorter so I'm skeptical but hopeful that it will work to break this cycle. I've had good luck with the prednisone in the past. I've got an email in to "Batch". So hopefully I will know if/when I can start on D3.
  3. Darci

    Vitamin D???

    Thanks Tony. I'm going to do that now. I just want to say as I'm SO new here....THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I really really appreciate all of the advice and support!
  4. Darci

    Vitamin D???

    Thank you Leslie. I've only taken one of the D2 so far. This is a relatively new discovery sooo I'm assuming I could stop and switch to the D3 fairly easy. She's also prescribed prednisone to break my current CH cycle. I'm hoping there are no bad interactions there either. I'm on day 2 of the prednisone and she's only given me a 5 day script so worse case scenario I can wait a bit to start the D3. I'm in the process now of scouring the D3 posts for any info. lol. Thanks again!
  5. You could look into oxygen. I've had it prescribed but I've read some posts about getting welders oxygen without a script. I'm not 100% how that works but I found this: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1299901790 Good luck!
  6. Darci

    Vitamin D???

    Hmmmm Playing well together doesn't reference the D3/D2 question. :-/ Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. So this may be a dumb question. But I recently went to my gp and she did a physical and blood test. My tests came back that I have low vitamin D. She gave me pills to take once a week for 12 weeks and then I need to be retested. Then I am advised to join here....I do and now I am seeing posts about D3. The pill the Dr gave me to take is D2. I'm assuming these are different BUT I am wondering if the vitamin D deficiency has a part to play in this. Also I want to start the D3 but I don't know if I can now that I'm taking the D2. I suppose I should go read the "Play well together" area.
  8. Thank you everyone SO much for the advice. I def need to get a script for O2. I've used it before and it worked well if I was able to catch an attack before it was full blown. Thanks for the link on the busting basics. I'm really excited and hopeful to learn more about busting and trying. I honestly can't say thank you enough to all of you that took the time to read my post and offer advice and links to help me! As much as I hate that we all have this horrible pain and that there is no known cure, I'm also very grateful that there is a place we can all come together to support each other. I don't feel quite so isolated and alone.... Thank you all again! Now its time for me to get to some research.
  9. So I'd like to add to my next comment that I don't use anything other than prescribed meds in any aspect of my life. I haven't touched anything that isn't on the up and up in years. I don't like taking ANYTHING....BUT I do have a probably dumb question....because my timing is way off (as usual)..if there was someone I maybe knew that maybe had some connections to get me something that would provide a hallucinogenic effect....would that work? I don't understand all of the different types and spores and lingo yet...I'm SOOO green to all of it.
  10. And thank you for sharing about your success with busting. I'm thinking this is def a route I would like to explore as it appears to have more success than any others I've experienced or heard about...... Now.....I just need to figure out how in the world to go about it!
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I was posting on a cluster headache support group on facebook and was directed to come here sign in and look around....so here I am! lol. I am so overwhelmed. And a lot of times feel alone so I turn to the computer where at least I can talk to some people that understand. My family is amazingly supportive but they don't understand what it feels like. And I'm so done with people telling me they know how bad it is because they get headaches too (I think the official "cluster headache" title is a bit misleading to the general public about what it really is). Anyway.....sorry I have a tendency to ramble...lol. Thank you for the welcome.
  12. I've been researching cluster busting. I've had ch for 15+ years and I'm just so tired and I don't know what else to do. There are things that I've tried and had moderate successes with but I despise the way I feel after taking meds and they're all temporary. It never fails. I find something that works and inevitably it always stops working and I'm back to square one. I'm just entering a cycle. 2 last night. No sleep..... up all day working, functioning member of society all the while fighting the shadow feeling. I'm so so tired but scarred to death to go to bed because I always wake up an hour later writhing in pain from a full blown attack. I'm no stranger to hallucinogens....And I'm wondering if dabbling with these during my teenage years kept the beast at bay. I'm just kind of at a loss as to what the best way to go about busting is. I live in NY and have no clue where to even start looking for psilocybin. ANY advice or guidance would be SOO appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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