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  1. Im not sure what he did either lol - i saw 2mgs and i assumed it was MM... Im not sure they sell 2mgs of xanax i think it is 4 and maybe he half it. lol... But if it was just xanax last night the half life of it i this is 12 hours - he should be good to go with a bust today in my opinion.

  2. Hey everyone! Many apologies for my lack of posts this past week, but my beast is calmed down a little (only getting hit 2-3 times a day now, and has not been above a 6, WOOHOOO!!) But in a previous thread I stated that I was going to start a healthier lifestyle to reduce stress and report back the results, so here goes.  First off, I really kinda balked at the idea that I had stress, I have had problems and events of stress in  my life sure, but I got through all that, and now since it is in my past it does not affect me right? well that was my thinking anyway.  Then my little brother, who is a psychologist working at a large college that does a lot of research, wanted to try some of his research on me. First he interviewed me and asked me a LOT of questions, the gist of this was to find out where I thought my own stress level was at.  The results were that my stress level was very low, almost non existent. (keep in mind that this was MY thinking) Then he gave me a little questionnaire that is designed to measure actual stress levels, including repressed emotions, buried feelings etc.  Anyways after I took his little "stress test" , he took my results back to his lab and ......lets just say my score was high enough to get the attention of the doctor who was running the whole research study.  In his words it was "off the charts".  Seems like I internalize everything, and though my mind thinks I deal fine, my body is telling a different story.  Neither of these gentlemen believe that the hidden stress is the total cause of the clusters, but the think it might be a factor in the frequency and the intensity. So theres that.  Then I started a regimen of yoga, healthy eating (organic and raw foods at least for 2 meals), I am also taking the time to meditate every day. This was VERY hard for me, I had a tough time even sitting still, much less getting my mind to quiet down and clear out.  I started with just 15 minutes, and for the past week I think I can actually get to the "zone" for about 5-7 of those minutes.  I keep on plugging away at it, eventually I will get there.  The yoga is REALLY helping.  Not really with the CH but it help my body feel more relaxed and stretches out all those muscles that get all tensed up during the attacks ( even some muscles I didnt know I had..lol) Sooooo, is it a coincidence that my CH slows down the same week I try all this ? For the record I was also using seeds, but took my last dose of them and am now off of everything in anticipation of my crop maturing ;D. Will keep you all posted. So far so good. HUGS and PFW!!!   

    I strongly believe that there is a direct correlation to what you said in this . I think that could be one thing we all have in common is the way we deal with stress and other emotions and how we just kind of burry things and keep on chugging along. Really cool stuff...

  3. College = drugs which ='s getting magic mushrooms....College also brings about a lot of stress too.

    If he can get his hands on Magic mushrooms and because he seems to be episodic I would think that a good old fashioned bust would do the trick for him, but because he is in a cycle then it could take a few busts to work well for him...

  4. By the way I can't sleep when I bust - it won't let me for some reason so i am usually awake for 6 to 12 hours... But do NOT waste the shrooms you have and try again after you just tried last night , get some red bulls and stop all your meds for 4 to 5 days - that is important then use the red bulls and go out into the colds to help abort an attack. After those 4 to 5 days have passed with no meds then dose again.

  5. I would stop all meds for 4 to 5 days first unless it is absolutely needed to live...

    Please DO NOT try to bust again tonight. It will do nothing for you. You need to wait at the minimum 4 days and the most 5 days which is better if you can go that long. The brain has a way of shutting a door in it and busting again will do nothing for you. You could always place a small cap under your tongue if you are getting hit again.

    You say you think you may not get the benefit - i bet you - you can, you just have to stay at it and be vigilant. Get off all cluster meds for 4 to 5 days - then go to a 2.5 gram dose and bust. Once you do this you are starting the rattle affect. You will know it working when you feel it. Keep at it - 4 days later bust again same amount - then let us know if you experience a slapback... and are you sure you have good meds by the way and not shiitake lol...

  6. ya - i would go 2 months from when your cycle ended. I would then do it every 2 months or 3 months - if u start getting small shadowy like sensations then bust. and then from there kind of time it out. Every 2 to 3 months would work for me. I did it every 2 months for the first year then went to quarterly after that or how i felt.

  7. Testosterone, a subject near and dear to me.

    Not sure if you've read my story before, and I shall try not to go into much detail yet again. Basically, I used to be a man, am now a woman. During the 'transition' phase of my journey, I was taking testosterone blockers and very high doses of oestrogen (pretty much the opposite of what you're doing domino). I was about 3 or 4 months into this process when the clusters started. Along with a headache that lasted 7 months. Yep, no exaggeration there.

    There is a lot of back story I'm leaving out, but basically they believe changing one's hormone system like I did has an impact on the hypothalamus. My neuro believe my hypothalamus was primed for clusters (migraines run in my family) and when I changed my hormones, I triggered it. As we all know, the hypothalamus has a lot of control over clusters too.

    I'm now running with very low level testosterone, well, compared to 8 years ago that is. I'm not prepared to increase my T level because of other effects it could have on my body.

    Omega 3 is high in T, and I think that is why it is such a vital ingredient to the Vitamin D3 Regimen. If you take enough Omega 3, you'll notice similar things you are, like a big gain in the sex drive and endurance.

    How strong are your finger nails? That is another test for how much T is in your system. High Testosterone and you'll have strong nails. Weak, brittle finger nails is a sign of low T.


    I have read your story before and we have also spoken a bit about it. I can't relate but the one thing I can tell you is that you have really altered your hormonal levels and have created a test deficit to say the least. However - this treatment is also being tested out on women as well. All of us women included have some level of T . It is finding that balance that might be key for you. When a man or woman takes in T it also increases estrogen - for a man most of us take a pill every other day to control it otherwise we grow breasts or have estrogen bloat. This also helps to bring down the SHBG that could be the key to all of this actually working for me. I am not sure about your situation (post op) don't mean to offend you at all. But i think if you are not then you have taken high doses of estrogen and still have the ability to naturally have normal testosterone levels if you wanted to. And actually for that matter even when a man takes in Testosterone the tsetse will shrink because they are now shutdown. the brain says don't produce because there is too much as it is.

    I really am not sure how you could deal with something like this at all in your situation. I understand you don't want to go backwards but this could be a huge factor in your situation.

  8. I still (and recently did) take 50mg clomiphene citrate daily when in cycle.  It's hard for me to determine efficacy since my cycles seem to be all over the map since losing chronic status.

    Clomid will only raise T levels slightly - it does nothing to control SHBG - i would ask your doc for aromasin every other day at 25 mgs. this will kill your estrogen and raise your test levels 166% not to mention it lowers your shbg just enough.

  9. Here it is over one month later and i should be in a cycle and I am not. Doc has me on 200 MGS weekly testosterone cyp. I also take a pill called aromasin that kills estrogen every 3 days. My total test levels are in the 860's. The key to this is killing the SHBG and most of the estrogen. Working well so far. I split the injection up and do 100 MGS on Monday and 100 MGS on thursdays. So far so good. Vit M. on standby just in case but to be honest haven't felt this good in a long time.

  10. Headscratcher - make it worth while and do a big dose ... don't mess around - you need to do like a 2.5 or even 3 grams and see if that helps. Thats what I found worked for me. I am actually trying testosterone injections right now. We will see how that goes , so far so good. It isn't just the testosterone it also takes some other things to get this to work. Best of luck...

  11. So ....I have been doing a ton of research on the subject of testosterone for clusters.

    Stillman and lichten have some good research and I took it all into my PCP. He did some blood work and my test was actually sitting at 418. I am 40 and that is pretty good for my age. My free test was low. I am also getting ready to start a cycle soon. Around the first of October or about this time I start getting the old shadows.

    I told him I had been doing Vit. M and my supply has run out and I don't have time to start a new grow. I took him the research docs from still man and several others and I have been doing Testosterone injections weekly now. The goal is to get my Total T to around 900 - 950 but my SHBG down to around 15 or so. A lot of people that have tried this in the past were just given injections but no other medications to lower estrogen and SHBG. After a lot of research by my new PCP and a ton of phone calls he made he was given the protocol.

    So it has been about 6 weeks now and I have not had one shadow. I am still very nervous though and wish I had been around so I could have started a M grow. But traveling and work has kept me away.

    I will keep you all up to date. But the one thing I can tell you is this.

    I have been eating like a darn horse, I have gained about 8 pounds (no fat) still have a 6 pack, and libido is off the charts. My Total T last week was a little too high because of the other meds to drop my SHBG which pushed my Total T way up so we have been making some adjustments to the protocol dosing.

    Here is to hoping this works out....If anyone would like more information please let me know.

  12. I would like to know if this treatment is still working for you? Did you only have the injections during the cycle? Are you now on T all of the time. Most of the time once you start TRT it is usually for the rest of your life, so I was wondering - did you stop taking T after the clusters went away?

  13. My first time it helped - a week later completely blew them away... Now I just do maintenance doses every 4 months now...I was doing the maintenance dose every 2 months as well but have been able to stretch it out... In fact I was just thinking to myself the other day - oh crap I better get growing again before I am sorry..

    I have been PF now for going on 2 years with the help from regular maintenance doses. I still avoid booze like the plague though.  :D

  14. I take a bunch of stuff - lol but I used to only take fungi and everything is fine in that department. I do however take D3 10k ius daily and this was way after the fungi - I take the D3 for other reasons I also take zinc , omega 3 fish oils and magnesium too.The onyl thing that works for me is fungi.

  15. Thats a hard choice to make - If it were me I would not want the surgery and would stick with Vit M. Thats just me though and what I would do. I feel that with these things the less you do is the more. I would try and stick to a strict protocol of maintenance doses and see what happens for 6 months to a year. But this would be for me. If I could beat them for 6 months to a year I would keep doing the same routine.

    Thats a hard one to decide though.

  16. Welcome Ravyn - Hope you get some pain free days. I live in Cali so we are somewhat close. Dont give up on the insurance battle. I used to call them daily and argue with them then i would go back to my doc and make him get on the insurance company - he had to write several explanations of why things were needed but I ended up getting what i needed in the end.

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